DATA DELAWARE: Sunday, March 24, 2019
Delaware has a new sexual harassment law
and a new drugs-and-the-workplace law too. 

But the national headline of the week was
the college admission scandal featuring privilege and money. 

Noise aside , the even bigger “college” story is
the Harvard/UNC proceeding challenging affirmative action. 

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article,
“the average SAT score for admitted
Asian or Asian-American students was 1431,
compared with 1360 for white applicants
and 1229 for African Americans."

”For insights from Delaware discrimination attorney,
Katherine Witherspoon Fry of Offit Kurman, P.A.,
who explains the fascinating legal proceedings CLICK HERE!

Katherine Witherspoon Fry
Principal Attorney
Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law
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Dace Blaskovitz, Publisher
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