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Affluent People Should Self-insure for LTC, Right?

Many affluent people believe that they're better off using their own money to self-insure for long term care (LTC) needs. I consider this to be one more excuse, a "smokescreen" , used to avoid unpleasant thoughts and conversation about how our last years might be spent.

Acknowledging the truth about your declining health is often very difficult, no matter how much money you have.

My observations are that choosing to fund LTC needs from personal savings often winds up working against people. S ibling disagreements about money and your wishes may arise. People must quickly decide which assets to invade to fund care, at a stressful time of life, when their decision-making capacities are often impaired. And even for the highly affluent, financial planners describe unplanned LTC costs as a dangerous "spending shock" that should and can be avoided with correct LTC planning.

For affluent people, there shouldn't be price objections. Relative to people in lower -income brackets, long-term care (LTC) premiums are paltry compared to the high odds and expenses of LTC.

Once you have your LTC plan in place, be sure to let your family and friends know about it. Your LTC plan will provide abundant money, and a blueprint for your loved ones to follow, at a time in life that's often frightening.

Both affluent and non-affluent families suffer from denial of long term care (LTC) need. I understand how unpleasant it is to discuss a future LTC need. Being affluent is not a "free pass" to avoid this conversation.

Check out my testimonials page  for examples of affluent and non-affluent families where LTCi ownership made a huge difference for the better.

I encourage you to avoid denial of your need for long term care! Use your LTCi as you originally intended: to prevent you from being a burden on those you love, and to live out your life with comfort and grace!

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Great LTC Facts at Your Fingertips

This Morningstar article has 75 must-know LTCI Facts that should make you feel wise and secure if you already own LTCi. If you don't already own LTCi, I hope this information will prod you procure it. 

A New LTC Solution

Are you paying for a life insurance policy you no longer need?   You may be able to easily convert your life insurance policy into money you can use for long term care. Call me to discuss. 

Have You Had a Rate Hike?

Usually, even with the rate hike, your policy is below current market price. Clients find it highly useful to discuss what causes rate hikes, how they occur, and how likely there'll be more in the future.  

If you cannot tolerate your new rates, I can help you find optimal ways to downgrade your coverage while keeping it highly effective.
Do not tamper with your policy until we've spoken! If you need to discuss your LTCi rate hike, please email or call me.

Spreading the Word about LTCi

Thanks to Tamara Stroike of   Belmont Village Hunters Creek  for inviting me to give a long term care clinic there in September. Attendees enjoyed an interactive session where their LTC questions were answered. Several brought their LTCi policies with them so that we could review them together.

I very much enjoy such invitations to offer current, accurate LTC education and reassurance to the public. The attendees of this talk got a lot of value from the information. Please call if I can be of similar service to your group.

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