July, 2016
File a Lawsuit Without Paying For Legal Services
Written by Andy R. Norman
Let’s say your twenty-something daughter buys a late-model used car from a dealership, paying extra for a top-of-the-line manufacturer’s warranty, only to find that the car has a hidden, major safety defect which will cost thousands of dollars to correct. You and your daughter don’t have $30,000 or more to pay lawyer’s fees to sue. What do you do?
Support Needed for Rockford Nurse who Lost Job for Her Pro-Life Beliefs
Let us introduce you to our client Sandra Mendoza, LPN--a brave woman who lost her nursing job because of her commitment to protecting life. WonderWe, a pro-life crowdfunding group, has put together this page in an effort to raise support for her, her family, and our case. Ms. Mendoza will greatly appreciate any support and as well as your prayers. Also, "like" the Support Nurse Sandra Mendoza Facebook page.
Finding God's Person in Hiring
Written by John W. Mauck
Amy and Terry both seemed like good candidates for a secretarial position. Both had pleasant personalities and a business-like appearance. At her interview, Terry remarked that the typing test scores reported by the employment agency which sent her had been “puffed” to help her get the job. I was impressed by her honesty, but put off by her comment “I have no use for God.”
CLS Presentations: One Year Since Obergefell
To mark the first year since US Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage, the Christian Legal Society of Northern Illinois held a panel with four distinguished legal scholars to give their analysis on this past year’s events and their opinions on future directions.
Protecting Student Privacy in School Locker Rooms
Biological males in girls restrooms? It's happening in Palatine, Illinois which is causing over 50 high school students to respond with a lawsuit to protect their right to privacy. On Lawyers for Jesus Radio, we speak with Attorney Jocelyn Floyd of the Thomas More Society  who along with Alliance Defending Freedom  is representing the plaintiffs in the suit.
The Power of the Local Church
We speak to Pastor Kirt Wiggins of Pathway Community Church in Elmhurst, IL discussing his church's work to redeem the culture in their local community.
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Transforming Culture with Dr. Andrew Sandlin
Should Christians work to transform the culture? And perhaps more difficult to answer, how is this done? This week, we talk to Dr. Andrew Sandlin, pastor, theologian, author, and president of the Center for Cultural Leadership. 
The Pro-Life Movement Gaining Legal Traction
From the Texas pro-life laws in the Supreme Court to the fight to defund Planned Parenthood in D.C., the Pro-Life cause is facing many major battles recently. This week, Noel Sterett interviews one of the leading defenders of life on the legal front in Casey Mattox, Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom.