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Africa Multiple Fields--Update!
Many of the field workers from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria & Zambia say, “Thank you immensely for all you have done. The study bibles, and reference bibles are such a blessing as many families did not have bibles of their own. Hope has arisen with Bibles in their homes--received with Joy. The spiritual ELM books, DVD's etc are all inspiring and life changing to those hungry to hear the Word of God practically. You have given us HOPE! Thank you!"
I'll Share a few stories ...

A lady in her 60's took the book, "Escaping Back to God" & "Come Walk With Me" who then became interested in becoming a Christian. She is now giving us a book report weekly of what she is learning and the progress she is making.

A man from a local tribal group comes weekly for our lessons from the book, "Escaping Back to God". He returns to his tribe to teach them portions of the book which he translated to his local language so they too can learn. He wants them to return to God.

A young man released from prison some time back came to church and was interested in one of your books. He took "Escape to God" and the booklet "A Bundle of Choices" and wants Jesus to change him.

To an adjacent church we gave a couple of Bibles encouraging them to start a reading program for those who have no Bibles.

Miss Mary wrote us directly. Her church called her to come pick up a Bible. She was sure it was a joke--surely they forgot my request for a Bible over a year ago. I went and my name was on their list. They gave me a Bible!! I could not believe God answered my prayer. Thank you and the helping donors!!

Your books are beneficial and a valuable tool to call people to repentance. God is using your materials to call the nations to repentance extending to Africa. God cares for us through you. Our people need to get serious. Our churches need to stop yawning and start yearning.

I have many more like this I could share with you!! The people are very grateful for your help sending these materials to them.
A number of the lay pastors have said, "We need a deep experience in God to personally KNOW Him. We needed the Spirit of God to come into our midst to breathe upon our dry bones experience, to bring life to us sinners. Satan is ruling so many lives--we need to cooperate with Christ to change all that! These materials are awakening the truth that Christ is our answer to deliver us from our lukewarmness and powerless Christian experience."

The cry of many is to prepare their people to meet their God, to find power to live above their flesh--In Christ daily, and to share the power of the gospel which is Christ in me. There are many in the field working God's vineyard.

If God puts it on your heart to help--go to our website home page > scroll down to the donate section and follow the prompts to donate. Thank you for all you have done! God be with you all!

With Much Gratitude!
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries
Empowered Living MInistries
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries