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Africa!2017: May 26 - June 8   

Johannesburg, the Pilanesberg Reserve, the Okavango Delta the Chobe River and Victoria Falls.



The centrepiece of this adventure is a 5-night stay at RAWBotswana's  

Motswiri Camp in the Okavango Delta,

followed by followed by one night at Chobe Marina in Kasane
and two nights at Victoria Falls.

In addition you will have a day to explore Johannesburg

and an overnight trip to the Pilanesberg Reserve.  



Day1: Arrive in Johannesburg, where you will be met by a driver and delivered to Donnybrook guesthouse, where we will be hosted by Dieneke Swart.  It's a nice place and I know it well.  Catered dinner this first evening.  


Day 2 is a free day. There's a lot to do - Elephant Sanctuary, Monkey Sanctuary, Gold Reef Museum, Apartheid Museum, Ballooning, etc... I urge you to look at all that Jo'burg has to offer. Transport is easily and economically arranged and we can share costs. 


Day 3: We drive up to the *Pilanesberg Reserve. (* indicates it's a website mentioned earlier) Another really informative website about Pilanesberg is Click on Pilanesberg and scroll down to find the sometimes very entertaining comments and advice. It's out of date, but good stuff. The Pilanesberg is a self-drive reserve, and we'll have two vans so won't be crowded. In order to be there at the best times of day - dusk and dawn - we'll spend one night in the reserve at the Bakgatla Resort, where we will occupy several chalets. Staying overnight allows us to take advantage of an evening or morning game drive with a ranger. Not only will we have a guide, but the drives can go out when other vehicles are prohibited in the reserve. 


Day 4: back to Donnybrook for one night before... 


Day 5: flight to Maun, Botswana, followed by a 40 minute scenic flight in a small aeroplane across the Okavango Delta to RAWBotswana's Motswiri camp. Motswiri holds only 10 guests, so we will have it to ourselves.   


Day 5 - 10. Five nights at Motswiri, where we can venture into the surrounding area on horseback, in mekoros (dugoug canoes - in the photo at top), on foot or in vehicles - when not enjoying luxurious accommodation and delicious food. We also will make an overnight trip to a rustic fly-camp, and have the chance to see more of the reserve.

Do look at the *RawBotswana website, to see why you should come and to answer some of the questions I bet you have. I've been enjoying checking out the RAWBotswana Facebook page and wishing I were there!


Day 10: flight to Kasane flight to Kasane to book into the Chobe Marina Resort before an evening cruise on the Chobe River. Here's what they say: "there's not much in Southern Africa that can beat the Chobe River in the dry season - exceptional game viewing and birdi



Day 11: We will join a morning game drive into Chobe Reserve before heading - by road - to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for two vic falls

 nights B&B at the Victoria Falls Hotel,  which "exudes original colonial Edwardian charm" (bring your pith helmet/sola topee!) and is within walking distance of the falls and the town. 


Day 11/12: Adrenaline adventure or gentle sightseeing in Victoria Falls. vic falls To each his own - helicopter trip over the falls, zip-lining or bungee jumping in the gorge, white-water rafting on the Zambezi, a walk through the rain forest, strolling into Zambia, or having traditional high tea on the hotel's Stanley Verandah.


Included in the trip is an evening cruise on our last night in the iconic Ra-Ikane boat. Gentle and genteel. 


Day 13: flight back to Johannesburg and final catered dinner and night at Donnybrook.


Day 14: The end - or not. Arrangements can be made for you to stay longer, if you wish. 


Sound like fun? It will be. First come, first served. I don't have final rates yet, but the estimate is US$7600.00.  Please let me know if you are interested - the group is already growing. We may need to offer a second trip June 9-22, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. 


For information and details contact me at Do check out the websites.  


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