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Media Review for October 14, 2011  

Today's News

Lessons from Libya: how Cameron and Sarkozy got lucky
This war was a one-off, 'feelgood' example of interventionism. For seriously oppressed people elsewhere, it means nothing


Libya: Mutassim Gaddafi reported arrested
Muammar Gaddafi's son Mutassim is reported to have been arrested fleeing Sirte as the city appears to be on the brink of falling.


Liberia's Nobel Winner Sirleaf Leads Preliminary Results
Results from 737 of 4457 polling places released by Liberia's National Elections Commission put President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf ahead of her strongest rival, Winston Tubman.


Prince Johnson, Ex-Warlord, Kingmaker In Liberian Elections
A rebel leader who videotaped himself drinking Budweiser as his men cut off the ears of the nation's former president has finished third in this week's presidential election, according to partial results issued Thursday, thrusting the notorious ex-warlord into the role of kingmaker.


Aid workers abducted from Kenyan refugee camp
Kenyan police say al-Shabab fighters have kidnapped two Spanish aid workers belonging to MSF from Dadaab refugee camp.


Egypt patrols Sinai without Israel okay
Egyptian warplanes are patrolling the Sinai without Israeli consent, despite a 1979 peace treaty limiting Egypt's military presence in the peninsula, Egypt's air force chief said on Thursday.


Sugar vs. reason in Uganda: Democracy unplugged
Uganda's President Museveni is intent on a deal to clear a quarter of the Mabira Central Forest Reserve for the cultivation of sugar cane by the Sugar Corporation of Uganda, jointly owned by the State and private investor, Mehta Group.


Sudan accuses Uganda's Museveni of plotting to topple its government
Sudan's vice-president Ali Osman Mohamed Taha has accused the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni of seeking to change the regime in Khartoum as part of his broader agendas to halt Arab advances in Africa.


Sudan will not participate in Washington workshop on Darfur
The Sudanese government will not participate in a workshop on peace in Darfur to be held in Washington in two weeks, the foreign ministry announced Wednesday in Khartoum.


Opposition Figure Rejects Cameroon's 'Scandal' Election
The leader of Cameroon's main opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) says his party is legally challenging the "scandalous" October 9 general election. John Fru Ndi dismissed the election as fraught with voter irregularities and illegality.


With Gadhafi on the run, focus turns to Sahara's Tuareg
Stragglers on the march to modernity, swords at their sides, the nomadic Tuareg of West Africa, long a footnote in world affairs, may be about to take a more central role in counter-terrorism policy, thanks to the ouster of Libya's former leader Moammar Gadhafi.


Libyan Arms Flow Into Egypt Across Northern Sinai
The Sinai Peninsula has proven a major security headache for Egypt's military rulers since a popular uprising ousted President Hosni Mubarak eight months ago.


Protesters accuse Nigerian soldier of killing in rare demonstration against country's military
A union of cell phone sellers and repairers is accusing a soldier of killing their leader, a rare public protest against Nigeria's military.


Don't aim too high
Outsiders need to clear the way for Somalis to solve their many problems


Somali terrorists adopt al-Qaeda tactics
A recent suicide bombing carried out by the Somali terror group al-Shabab is raising the prospect of al-Qaeda like violence in the war-torn country.


UN Bill Would Restrict U.S. Response to the Horn of Africa Crisis
13 million people across the Horn of Africa are in need of emergency food aid.  


Drug traffickers get 50 years in Gambia
Drug smugglers receive tough jail terms for being busted with 2 tons of cocaine.


Al-Qaeda lays landmines in Wagadou Forest
Terrorists turn to laying illegal landmines in an effort to keep security forces out of their Mali encampments.

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