"Every day in Africa lives are being transformed by Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry."
-- Charles Juma, Reach Out's Africa leader

Enjoy Charles' "boots on the ground" account of both teenagers and leaders changed by Jesus and His disciple-making strategy.

In 2016 -- 80,000 Students in Africa Will Experience the Gospel Through Reach Out 
From Zanzibar to Zimbabwe, from Kenya to Congo, in 13 countries Reach Out's Africa teams have traversed East Africa equipping and empowering church leaders to share the gospel and disciple teenagers. Equally important, our team leaders have received mentoring in how to "equip leaders who equip more leaders", emphasizing disciple-making with teenagers.

Given renewed efforts by radical Islam to recruit the youth of Africa to their murderous causes, along with the influx of secular lifestyles, African church leaders know they face serious challenges. Yet they embrace preparing their teenagers and reaching other teenagers with the gospel enthusiastically -- with a vision for Africa experiencing transformation.

Numerous reports from all 13 countries could fill many pages. Be inspired by these brief indications of transformation. 
In Zanzibar--99% Muslim
Zebedee Kalu, a staunchly Muslim young man, converted to Christianity after our Zanzibar leader, Timothy Philemon, and his JFYM trained team shared Christ with him. Now Kalu boldly shares Christ with his Muslim friends. Bishop Enock, who led a powerful JFYM Forum in Zanzibar in August, reported that Kalu's testimony so impacted them that his story has now spread around the region. Philemon's team continues to share the love of Jesus with Muslims, and now they are using JFYM to train other leaders to do the same. In Philemon's own words: "JFYM is transforming lives in Zanzibar."

In Zimbabwe
Though economically depressed, politically corrupt, and living hard lives, young people throughout Zimbabwe are turning to Christ. In June, Obadiah Ogosi equipped 52 youth leaders who, when they began, admitted they had no idea how to reach and disciple teenagers. The leaders--including pastors, health workers, and university professors--caught the vision, embraced the principles, and now envision training and mobilizing other leaders in Harare! Their goal: to reach 50,000 young people in 2017! "The harvest is ripe in Zimbabwe!"

In Zambia
The payoff after five years of training Zambian leaders:
-- JFYM Forums were conducted in Luska, Ndola, and Luanshyia since June. --Obadiah Ogosi
-- Every month 4,000 students in schools receive the gospel using JFYM practical training and resources. --       
    Harry Tembo, Zambia Team Leader 
-- 1,000 army recruits in the academy receive the gospel each month; those responding are discipled
    using JFYM resources. --Levy Kayumbe, retired army General, now Chaplain 
-- 800 students receive the gospel with significant life changes in those being discipled. --Beatrice Kaumba,
    high school teacher
-- All Pentecostal pastors will receive JFYM training in 2017. --Pentecostal Bishop, Derrick Nyironga 

Kapenguria--Pokot Tribe
In remote villages in Kenya, the Pokot tribe lives in the bush and trains boys to become warriors who raid neighboring tribes to steal animals. Young circumcised girls marry early. Our Eagle Leader, Paul Gichuki, a 30 year missionary to the Pokot, leads a rescue program for these teens. And he shares Jesus with 1,000 students in the schools, and disciples those who respond. Teenagers are receiving Jesus in large numbers. In August 87 regional leaders gathered for JFYM training. Now teacher Joyce Namikoye mentors 21 other teachers in JFYM to reach and disciple students.

Maasai Tribe
Maasai--one of the fiercest tribes in the world. They believe they own every cow in the world. So, they raid and kill their neighbors to get their cows. Though defying modernity, something is changing. In August, James Nyamae conducted the first JFYM Forum with the Maasai. 100 Maasai leaders met to learn how to reach out to their youth and disciple them to be warriors for Jesus instead of killing for cows--stunning! The Maasai have a collective culture that responds all together and goes all the way! These leaders have embraced JFYM wholeheartedly, and are continuing to implement it in their churches and schools.

God increasingly uses Reach Out and the faithfulness of our supporters to transform leaders and students. The magnitude of what God is doing takes a significant amount of money.

On behalf of Christ and the leaders and youth of Africa--thank you for your generosity!

Jesus is Lord,

Charles Juma for Barry 
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