In Africa economics, security/terror and religion, deeply plague the continent. Yet more and more young people eagerly desire to know Jesus; and our African Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry leaders and churches have experienced much favor, success, and multiplied growth.

Charles Juma, Reach Out's Africa leader, sent us extensive and inspiring reports throughout 2016. Enjoy this video greeting from Charles Juma himself -- and then read his brief summary of "Africa Inspiration."

In thirteen countries our team of 392 Eagle Leaders trained 1,200 leaders through 40 Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums in 2016. We increased our Leadership Summits from 5 to 17 in order to provide more in-depth mentoring for our trained leaders. In our Public School Ministry 80,000 students encountered the Gospel with half making decisions to follow Jesus. Because we have so many trained leaders, each student has the opportunity to participate in disciple-making groups in schools, churches, homes, and communities.

God is on the move through our training. Leaders and teenagers are experiencing changed lives. Churches increasingly multiply their ministries to the younger generation -- all evidenced in the inspiring comments below.
In Homa Bay, over and again previously trained leaders like Pastor Ben Orare expressed thoughts of gratitude:
"Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry offers the roadmap for growing youth spiritually and for building leaders. I brought my third generation of teenage disciples to a JFYM Forum to demonstrate how effective the training has been."

Hezlon Ombati focuses his ministry on the Kenya Medical Training College. "As a result of JFYM, we started one small discipleship group. Now over 200 students attend weekly gatherings. Students from all over the country now take JFYM back home on the holidays."

In Kisii, Onesmas Asiago, a university graduate, teaches at Dadab Refugee Camp, the largest camp in sub-Saharan Africa, inhabited by almost all Muslims. "JFYM is the most comprehensive approach to youth ministry. This last year I have seen transformation in many young people in the camp who attend our discipleship groups."
Our JFYM leaders in Bujumbura spoke at an inter-school rally -- 42 schools came together to reconcile after years of tribal conflict, to nurse long term pain and bitterness, and to foster peace. One leader reported, "During the rally, one student, used by guerilla forces to burn a school leaving five students dead, confessed and repented of his wicked acts. Three teachers from different schools knelt down to receive Christ."

At the JFYM Forum, Pastor Endolimana Vincent said, "After the Forum, I used our JFYM manual to reach out to my Muslim brothers. Jesus saved them." Pastor Nyabenda Francois: "I implemented what I learned and started a soccer team and choir through my church. Now the church has 21 new young people in the youth group."
Through the JFYM training, Ethiopian leaders have started to penetrate the youth culture with the Gospel -- which started a great spiritual revival among the Ethiopian youth. Recently two Eagle Leaders traveled to Ethiopia to facilitate three JFYM Forums with 152 leaders attending. One reported: "In Wondo Worsha at the student fellowship, the small hall was packed with over 200 students worshiping the Lord. I witnessed the Gospel coming alive, as students engaged in passionate prayer."
Africa Leadership Team: Enoch Ambokah, Consolata & Joseph Chiteri, Charles Juma, & Obadiah Ogosi
Yes, God is on the move in Africa! We give glory to Him. And we express our gratitude for your prayers and support. Without you, what we do in Africa would be impossible.... And because of you, our 2017 Africa ministry plans are moving full speed ahead!

Jesus is Lord,
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