Kelly Green

Africa Update
Well thanks for all your help, by prayer and financial support! Africa appears to be blossoming for Jesus. We have two centers, one in Zambia and one in Nigeria flourishing.
Chabby has his library all set up and we have 3 more boxes of books we have collected and ready to send to Chabby, but not enough funds to ship. Chabby is sharing his library with all those around him, in the bush, in the prison, and in personal contact. He has given out many of our books and DVD’s and now many of these people are requesting our books and bibles to share in Zambia. Chabby helps us sort through the many requests to know who is reputable. We want more people to be personally connected to Jesus and KNOW Him! Chabby is a diligent faithful worker, by bike, by public events, by personal ministry. This burning flax is catching on fire. Lord, may this fire spread like wildfire to more people in Zambia to know You, before this world closes for the final crisis. We need to personally know God and not just know about Him! Can you help us here?
Pastor Ray is getting his library all set up and still in the process of receiving all the boxes that were sent with your generosity. He has received our books and the bibles and has been sharing them around his city--with lay pastors and individuals. Those who have received a bible, or our books are contacting us directly, requesting more and more materials to spread how God saves us from our sinful natures. Hearts are awakening to know God again. Pastor Ray is helping us sort out who he knows to be reputable, and God helps us choose who to send to. Finances are our greatest hindrance to help.
Can you help us send more spiritual books and bibles to Africa, to those requesting that love the Lord and want to walk closer with God? Together we can do this! Go to our website home page > scroll down to the donate section and follow the prompts to donate.
Thank you from ELM and God bless you!

In His Service,
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living MInistries
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries