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African Graphic Literature: Culture, Business, History
Black Women Resistance leaders: Spiritual and Political.Course
Above: Dr Michelle Asantewa speaks on the genius of James Baldwin at the 5 week, sold out course, hosted at the luxurious Genesis Cinema in East London

How to Brainwash the Youth and make them act like Fools ! 30.10.17 Sold OUT!
How Black people Won World War 25.10.17 Sold OUT !
Secrets of Black British history with Robin Walker 26.10.17 Sold OUT!
The Black Image 9.11.17 Sold OUT!
The Amazing James Baldwin October Sold OUT!
African Superheroes Day 29 October 16 seats available HERE

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GET OUT plus Q &A
Saturday 28 October 2pm plus Q&A
Part of African Odysseys @BFI Southbank

The blockbuster movie on race in America followed by a much needed question and answer session. Tickets HERE
Featuring unseen archive of Winnie Mandela herself, Pascale Lamche’s documentary presents a complex portrait of a political figure.
Friday 3 November 8.20pm plus Q&A
Part of African Odysseys @BFI Southbank tickets HERE

Winnie Mandela’s rise and seeming fall from grace bear the hallmarks of epic tragedy. Intriguing, controversial and often misunderstood, she fought against Apartheid tooth and nail. While Nelson Mandela became the anti-Apartheid movement’s hero, her struggle to bring down the regime on the front lines of the conflict were often met with condemnation, both at home and internationally. Featuring unseen archival footage with Winnie herself, Pascale Lamache’s documentary presents a complex portrait of a figure who came to symbolise the oppression of her people and questions why history habitually silences strong female leaders. Tickets HERE
Repeated by popular demand, AGAIN ! 5th November sold out, tickets available for 12th November

African Superheroes Day : Many artists are making up for the severe lack of positive images of black people in animated films and comics. This animation festival for 6-60 year olds, will feature a variety of African-themed cartoons and authentic black history which tell tales of; Magical Nigerian women warriors, Anansi the West African Folk Hero, The story of Ogun and Oshun, Teenage black superheroes and more. Tickets HERE
African Graphic Novels: Culture, Business,History
Wednesday November 8th 6.30-9pm, Clerkenwell. Tickets HERE

Kugali is an online database that houses the most awe-inspiring titles across comics, gaming and animation from Africa and the diaspora . They have a blog, a YouTube channel and a podcast HERE

Apart from producing an African sci-fi/fantasy, monthly magazine digest, they have also collaborated, with Peda Studios to produce the comic series 'Newborn Saga'. It just won Most African Oriented Comic Award at the Lagos Comic Con in September 2017 HERE

In this intimate after work chill session they will be showcasing their latest issues as well as speaking about Black creative artistry and business including:
  • Investing in Africa's digital age children
  • African Mythology
  • Afronerds, Cosplay and Comic conventions on the Continent
  • Challenging the Eurocentric narrative of Hollywood with 1% of the resources
  • The Newborn Saga
James Dawkins as part of his Phd study, spent over 3 years tracing his African roots from Jamaica to England and a well known and very wealthy, white British family.. the Dawkins. One of the most significant revelations of his research is the colossal financial wealth generated by the Dawkins’ through the ownership of over 25,000 acres of land and over 2,000 enslaved Africans, making the family one of the wealthiest, largest landholding and prolific slave-owning dynasties in the history of British-Caribbean slavery. In this illustrated talk he will discuss his findings
Tickets HERE
 Agents of Change (film) plus Q&A
Sunday 19th November 1pm tickets HERE

Agents of Change  is a powerful documentary about the black student-led protest movement on American college campuses in the late 1960s, and its connection to the Black Lives Matter movement and campus protests of today.

The struggle for a more relevant and meaningful education, including demands for black and ethnic studies programs, became a clarion call across the USA. Agents of Change examines the untold story of the racial conditions on universities that led to these protests. The film’s characters were caught at the crossroads of the civil rights, black power, and anti-Vietnam war movements. Today, over 45 years later, many of the same demands are re-surfacing in England/USA revealing how much work remains to be done.
Black Girl Magic: Glasses from Eye London ,312 Mare Street Hackney E8 1HA
0208 533 1188

Eye London in Hackney run by Ghanain Margaret Asare, provides excellent eyecare and eyewear. From 2018 Eye London will be sponsoring Queen Nzingha lectures in universities and the African Women's Resistance leaders course at New Beacon Books
  This course will detail Black women who have fought against colonialism and racism over the last 400 years and examine their varied spiritual belief systems. Mainstream history consistently ignores the contribution of Black women in general but many of these women used indigenous spiritual belief systems to sustain their own ideologies and inspire their followers. African civilisations and belief systems were, and are, routinely denigrated by Europeans which has led to stigma and mis-representation.
In this 6 week course we will cover:
  • Pre-colonial African belief systems
  • Christianity as oppression and resistance
  • Sanite, Mbuya, Nanny and Nanny Greg, Yaa, Fannie, Nzingha, Coretta, The Two Amys, Queen Mary Thomas, Queen Amar, Yemaja, Oya, Dandara, Nehanda and Graca
  • 1970's women soldiers in Africa's liberaton wars
  • Black women’s resistance in English literature
  • Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mississippi, Haiti, Angola, Brazil, Cuba, Nigeria :Civil and Human Rights
  • Disparaging terms ‘Obeah’, ‘Juju’, the real history of Santeria, Candomble, and Jumbie
  • African religious belief and Hollywood Superheroes
  • The African roots of the Zombie; movie metaphors
  • White female fragility and the co-options of feminism
We will use obscure and modern film clips, archival documents, rare books and essays, interviews , testimony from the women and their followers, small and large group work
Recent headlines have shown local schools still insist on presenting Black history as slavery .
Please share this information with 20 people to correct the imbalance
 The Amazing James Baldwin Course February 2018

  • All five previous courses at the Black Cultural Archives/New Beacon books/Genesis cinema have sold out . We have arranged further dates for 2018 more info HERE
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