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Soul Friends,

Wow, please take a deep long breath! We as Americans got some collective crap coming up with this Pluto energy being in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn, this was the same astrology just before the Civil War! I learned about this through my favorite astrologers. I am not an astrologer myself but after going through the Astrology Rising Summit lead by Kaypacha on Zoom a few weeks ago, I have started watching all presentor's perspectives on "What in the world is going on at this time"? Before we can truly ascend we must heal the past and acknowledge this is wrong and vow to do better ! Evolved being to not behave like this. It will not even come into the collective consciousness to subjugate another human being once we have truly ascended.

 Being in this lifetime both races, black and white growing up in the 1970's I never could understand prejudice, to me it did not make any sense. Of course, I realized the economic gain of creating a hierarchy, however on the other hand knowing deep in my soul this truly is the "Dawning of the Age Of Aquarius", experiencing moments of being happy go lucky Beverly in my bohemian turquoise outfits wearing all types of crystals, smelling of pure rose essential oils feeling world of oneness is on the horizon! Yes, I experienced racism, being fired from a job once the manager found out I was not pure white, after doing a splendid job mind you and they liked me until that moment, and I experienced quick dramatic change in my status, found myself unemployed while pregnant with my son, plunged into poverty even though I had just graduated from college. This type of power over another has to stop. 

These extreme events, the pandemic, lockdown, riots, many passing over at once, millions losing their small businesses, and millions of indigenous people not getting any kind of government relief who totally depend on tourism, so how do we stay optimistic how do we stay healthy, balanced, and relaxed? SLOW DOWN YOUR BREATHING! Take off your mask when in nature away from people and breathe in the fresh air deep into your lungs! Exercise, yoga, biking, running, power walking, aerobics, light weight lifting, martial arts, qi gong ,pilates and more! Dante Baker Holistic Personal Trainer/Yoga Teacher/Meditation Instruction can help you to workout side or in your living room through zoom, plus healing organic plant based recipes.
Introducing Baba IFA Onifade Olowu based on ancient African Wisdom will lead a 6 week zoom workshop starting on Monday June 1 to give us the interpretations from the sacred Odu what is going on now in the time of the corona virus. Using years of experience as an African Shaman, and leading the group in meditations, lectures and practical tools to help us maneuver through these trying times. Last summer Baba Onifade empowered me, with some tools to work through some severe family issues I was experiencing.

Amazing Announcement! Dr. Vananja Reddy, ( Amma Yogini) is now offering a special Planet Yoga Group Certification Course with CEU if you need them. Also, Ayurvedic Astrology private and group sessions using ancient knowledge such as Planet Yoga, see more details below so delighted she is back even though it on Zoom!

Feel free to email me if you have questions about any of the programs or my one-time complimentary Spiritual Coaching Session 1 Hour on Zoom to sort through any pressing issue you may have at this moment or if you want to focus on goal setting for your future and how to stay calm during these challenging changing times.

Keep building up your immune system, get outside, and breathe in the fresh air in the woods or ocean and know we will come out of this better as a collective!

Love & Light,

Beverly L Nickerson, Earthlight Promotions LLC Founder

Influenza Flu Virus-Spiritual Emotional Causes
Response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear, belief in statistics.
" I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar. I am free from all congestion and influence"
Louise Hay from her book Heal Your Body

Offering 1 Hour Free Spiritual Coaching Session During Quarantine and 20% discount on 5 sessions.

Do you know your soul mission and can you feel confident even though it may appear your life is on HOLD or Pause during the shut down of your business? I can help. I did it for myself! Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Director/Spiritual Coach

The 5th Dimension ♒︎ AQUARIUS ♒︎ Let The Sunshine In
Flash Back Play This Song & Dance! It will lift your spirits!
Soul Stirrings: A Six Week Course for Spiritual Health in the Time of Coronavirus Lead By
Baba IFA Onifade Olowu 
Ancient African Wisdom

Monday, June 1, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EDT
6 Sessions Weekly

In a 6 week Soul Stirrings course on zoom, Baba IFA Onifade Olowu presents a pathway to our Spiritual Well-Being in the time of Coronavirus. Based on the Ancient African Wisdom of IFA, interpretations of the Sacred Odu, teachings, guided meditations, lectures and practicum, participants are armed with the knowledge and tools to undertake the spiritual transformation required of mankind in the time of Coronavirus, and for life in the “New Normal.”
It is fact that we are all spiritual beings having physical experiences as we move through life on Earth.  It is fact that the soul is immortal and will continue it’s evolutionary path well beyond the physicality of life, as we know it.  It is our responsibility, though many of us have forgotten, to engage in the highest expression of our Divinity through conscious actions of Body, Mind & Spirit.
For the majority, our hectic lives have been put on pause.  This time offers us the opportunity to reflect, to re-calibrate our purpose, refine our intentions, re-align with Divinity within and to brighten the light for the way forward.  It is a call to action for every soul upon the Earth to prepare for a brighter future.
Baba IFA Onifade Olowu Bio
Baba IFA Onifade Olowu is a practicing IFA Priest and Elder, based in New York City.  He was initiated as a Disciple of Orunmila in Ode Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria, in 1995 and continues to practice and lecture on IFA – Ancient, African Spirituality, both locally and internationally.
Combining his knowledge of IFA with scientific research and an academic background in Oceanography and Ecological Sciences; 24 years as a New York City Educator, 16 years of which he served as the founding Principal of New York City’s first Elementary Charter School; and life as a Musician and Father, Baba brings a wealth of knowledge and diversity to any Spiritual experience.   His lectures and teachings have won rave reviews by Elders and students, alike.
 Course Fee:
$100 USD for General Registrants
Six Weeks Starts
Monday June 1 7:00 to 8:30pm
CashApp: $Cascadu
Iya Kwayera Osunyemi Omotinuwe  
Global Ase Consulting 
To Register Click Below


Dr. Vanaja Reddy Amma Yogini
Planet Yoga Medical Astrology Individual Sessions & Planet Yoga Certification Workshop, Healing's, Group Workshops
Live From Hyderabad India On Zoom
Starts In June 2020
Private Planet Yoga Session is based on your Ayurvedic horoscope reading, Yogini will provide planet yoga practice for your personal unique development

Planet Yoga is a branch of medical astrology. In Hindu culture it is used as a proven predictor of medical problems. It is used as a tool for preventative health treatment. Planet Yoga leverages information from Grahas(Planets), Nakshatras(Stars) & Dasha’s(Planetary location/orientations). Many diseases in the world go undiagnosed or their treatment fails. With the help of Planet Yoga’s medical astrology, we can successfully prevent many conditions. According to this Astrology, organs are influenced by planetary movements. Due to a possible wrong sequence of planetary influences, diseases arise. Planet Yoga is closely aligned to each day of the week. For example, Sunday – Sun, Monday – Moon. Through Planet Yoga we can prevent diseases by communicating and aligning with the planets through food, yoga and colors.

3 Months Group Ayurvedic Seminar on Zoom
Yogic Diet Based on Vata Pitta Kapha
Health Aspects
12 Group Sessions once a week meetup on zoom.
Exact time & Energy Exchange Email

The individual constitution of a person is derived from the relationship of the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Because this innate constitutional type predetermines how we are doing physically, mentally, and emotionally, it is of the utmost importance in Ayurveda medicine.
It is quite rare that Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are equally pronounced in a human being, a state that is also called the TriDosha. When this is the case, a natural balance is present that is the foundation of health, fitness, and wellbeing
Although the Ayurvedic diet has specific guidelines for each dosha. Studies show that eating higher amounts of processed foods may be associated with a higher risk of heart disease, cancer, & more health related problems. Thus, the Ayurvedic diet will help promote better health & reduce health problems.
Group Certification Course With CEU's
--------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------
Antaranga Yoga Inner Conscious
Meditation tips
Pranayama traditional technique
Chakra balancing 
Aura reading
Getting 5 different practice in one session

Private Healing Instruction
- Basic Pranayama
- Meditation
(Getting 3 different practice for one session )

Ayurvedic Astrology Horoscope Reading
Yogini Needs
Your Birthday, Time, Location & Full Birth Name

Dr. Vanaja Reddy, a highly regarded Yogini and Guru from Hyderabad, India, is the founder of Amma Vodi and Sampoorna Yogadham, is committed service to assisting those in need, all around the world. As a certified Alliance Yoga teacher as well as Naturopathy practitioner, she is the first & youngest woman to receive the Yogarjun Award in 2003.
Known affectionately as Yogini, or Amma to her devotees, her intensive training included several years living in the Himalayan Mountains studying with an ancient Saddhu. Yogini embodies Divine Shakti energy that allows miraculous healings to occur on many levels. She offers private, corporate and group workshops in India and internationally, as well as healings using advanced Himalayan Yoga therapies and ancient esoteric energy healing modalities.
She was enthusiastically welcomed back to the U.S. for her fourth year in a row back in 2019. We are honored to host her, while she lovingly performs satang’s, pooja’s, spiritual counseling, chakra balancing, energy healing, soul readings, mantra’s and meditations, and Himalayan yoga sessions for her devoted following until futher notice distant Zoom healings are the next best thing to being in front of her.

Questions Or Make Appointment Email
Please Mention Earthlight Promotions
If you been affected economically please mention Covid 19 and some adjustments can be made with the fee.
To Inquire about private zoom, group sessions or fees Email
"My first session with Yogini was a distant healing and for sure I felt the deep repairing of my out of balance chakra's back into balance."
Beverly L Nickerson

Presents :
Live life at your peak!
Holistic Fitness Sessions On Zoom

Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Qi Gong Instructor, Sound Healer, Meditation Guidance

Course starts June 1- 28th

The program will last four weeks, starting June 1st and ending June 28th. There will be a free trial week from May 25th-May 31st. Each week will include two days of live training sessions, consisting of a 20-30 minute yoga sequence followed by an exercise routine. The third session will center around practicing breathing techniques and various forms of meditation to help with recovery.
Accessing the right knowledge is a key factor in getting in shape and moving towards your own personal fitness goals. I have been a personal trainer since 2008 and what I’ve seen is when it comes to working out, most people just don’t know where to start. People often get overwhelmed and intimidated by the vast amount of information on the internet.
You will be sent weekly exercise, asana, and breath routines at the beginning of each week. There will be two live-streamed videos every Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm. If you miss a live session, no problem--every live session will be recorded and emailed to you after class. The exercise and asana can be done in real-time or on your own. In addition, there will be a bi-weekly book club meeting. I’ve selected several books for us to read together that are motivating, inspiring, and thought-provoking. You will have the option of inviting people from outside the program to join our discussion. I will also be sharing three delicious and nutritious plant-based recipes each week

Question Email Or Instant Message FB


Stuart Hill
Teaching Traditional Yoga Styles
Join For June !

Offering 65 Yoga Classes
On Zoom for just $50.00 Per Month
During this time of self quarantine

Looking for a source of on-line yoga? Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility; reduce stress and connect with the greater consciousness; prepare for and meditate if you like. Stuart Hill has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha Yoga for 10 years. His certifications include Hatha E-RYT 500 and Kundalini E-RYT 200, and Silver Yoga Certifications. 

Please join the classes for June! -- Offering 65 Yoga Classes/month  -- On Zoom for just $50.00 Per Month
Looking for a source of on-line yoga? Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility; reduce stress and connect with the greater consciousness; prepare for and meditate if you like. Stuart Hill has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha Yoga for 10 years. His certifications include Hatha E-RYT 500 and Kundalini E-RYT 200, and Silver Yoga Certifications.
Stuart is currently offering 17 classes per week, including:
- Three (3) Kundalini classes,
- Six (6) Gentle Yoga classes,
- Five (5) beginner and intermediate Hatha classes,
- Three (3) Power Yoga Workouts.  
These classes are live and on-line using the Zoom platform. This allows the teacher to demonstrate poses, and for the teacher to view you and suggest any modifications to improve your practice. Classes are every morning and some evenings.

Please visit for timings of classes, detailed descriptions and to register click below

Email To Sample a Few Classes

  You have access to 65 classes per month for $50! If you would like to sample a couple of classes, please email Stuart ( for a couple of free class passes. All you need is a laptop, IPAD, or iphone to join the classes. Classes often include live Native American Indian flute music, Tibetan bowls, and gong meditations during the relaxation period after each class. Students can join early to visit and hang around after for Q&A.

"I so look forward to Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Class on Zoom with Stuart Hill a few times per week. He has been my yoga teacher for many years and I really missed his classes and the awesome music he plays. During these quarantine times, being on zoom is the next best thing to in person classes it so keeps me in shape and happy . "

Joseph Adam's Healing: Group Remote Healing

First session begins June 5th, 2020 from 7-8pm
Featuring the Crystal Moldavite.

Join Joseph as he conducts a Group Remote Healing session featuring a powerful technique leveraged through a crystal grid. This energy provides the necessary catalyst for opening the 3rd eye and awakening to our true divine essence. 

This is a monthly subscription service that features a variety of higher consciousness connections.
The first 50 subscribers can sign up for $33/month. (Regular $44)
This includes two unique 1 hour sessions a month.

Registration At Click Below:

The Harbingers of Spring | by Woven Green | Spoken Word Meditation Music

During these trying times take a moment and listen to Woven Greens newest spoken word meditation music, try listen to with headphone on click on link!

Beverly Rose

" I am ageless and timeless, NYR helps me to stay that way. Being a sensitive it had been very difficult for me to find skincare and aromatherapy products that are so pure, organic and nature until I found NYR, with over 30 years experience in creating this highest quality skincare sustainability without harming the environment and honoring their workers in the field"

Wild Rose

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