Summer 2016
After Rio, head to Paris, Kyoto, and Mexico
Summer mysteries that go for the gold
While the Summer Olympics may be raging in Rio, Seventh Street Books lets you go around the world without even turning on the TV! Walk the streets of France and catch up with our favorite Texan in Paris in Mark Pryor's latest Hugo Marston novel, The Paris Librarian. Police claim his friend died of natural causes in the locked basement office in the American Library in Paris, but Hugo is certain that something more sinister is afoot.
And if France isn't your thing, you can visit Kyoto, Japan (and time travel ~500 years into the past) in Susan Spann's The Ninja's Daughter or go on the run in Mexico with debut novelist Shaun Harris in The Hemingway Thief.
So pack your bags, check your passport, and leave them at home -you've got places to go!


"One of Pryor's best books yet."
   -Toronto Globe & Mail

 "This is one author that continues to offer fantastic plots... It would be thrilling to walk through that "secret door" in the American Library and see the world living in this great author's brain!"
   -Suspense Magazine

"Pryor's series is one of my favorites.   His novels are populated by a cast of unique, fully-fleshed out characters ...[and] plots are intricately crafted and will keep you guessing until the end."

Hugo Marston's friend Paul Rogers dies unexpectedly in a locked room at the American Library in Paris. The police conclude that Rogers died of natural causes, but when his girlfriend is also found dead, Hugo is certain mischief is afoot. 

As he pokes around the library, Hugo discovers that rumors are swirling around some recently donated letters from American actress Isabelle Severin. Some are being kept secret. The reason: they indicate that the now ninety-year-old had aided the resistance in frequent trips to France towards the end of World War II. Even more dramatic is the legend that the Severin Collection also contains a dagger, one she used to kill an SS officer in 1944.

Hugo delves deeper into the stacks at the American library and finally realizes that the history of this case isn't what anyone suspected. But to prove he's right, Hugo must return to the scene of a decades-old crime.

What's an average day like for Hugo? Find out  here!

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The Paris Librarian !

New trailer for The Paris Libarian!

About the Author

  Mark Pryor is the author of The Bookseller , The Crypt Thief , The Blood Promise , The Button Man , and The Reluctant Matador , and the stand-alone Hollow Man . He has also published the true-crime book As She Lay Sleeping . A native of Hertfordshire, England, he is an assistant district attorney in Austin, Texas, where he lives with his wife and three children. R ead more about Mark on his blog .

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"[A] stellar debut.... Filled with charming pop-culture references, this deft caper novel is by turns laugh-out-loud funny and poignant."
    - Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

"An incredibly entertaining romp.... A game of cat and mouse where the reader is carried along for a series of capers without ever quite knowing for sure who is on which side. Laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish."
   - Reviewing the Evidence

"Seamlessly blend[s] action, pop-culture savvy, and a true-life literary mystery.... Refreshing and fun."
   - Mystery Scene magazine

Think Hemingway was the inspiration behind Shaun's debut? 

Novelist Henry "Coop" Cooper is contemplating a new book between sipping rum and lounging on a Baja beach with hotel owner Grady Doyle. When Grady tries to save a drunk from two thugs, Coop tags along for the sake of a good story. The drunk is Ebbie Milch, a small-time thief on the run in Mexico because he has stolen the never-before-seen first draft of Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast from a wealthy rare book dealer.
The stolen manuscript is more than just a rare piece of literary history. It reveals clues to an even bigger prize: the location of a suitcase the young, unpublished Hemingway lost in Paris in 1922. But Coop and Grady aren't the only ones with their eyes on this elusive literary prize, and what starts as a hunt for a legendary writer's lost works turns into a deadly escape. For Coop this story could become the book of a lifetime . . . if he lives long enough to write it.

About the Author

Shaun Harris is a freelance writer. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife and two kids. This is his first novel..

"[A] compelling tale engagingly told."



"Susan Spann's novels capture the vibrant intricacies of life and etiquette in feudal Japan.... The Ninja's Daughter is sure to fascinate both mystery and historical fiction lovers."

   -Shelf Awareness for Readers


"One of the very best historical mystery series being written today... The Ninja's Daughter has earned a spot on my list of favorite books read in 2016."

    -Buried Under Books

Autumn, 1565: When an actor's daughter is murdered on the banks of Kyoto's Kamo River, master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo are the victim's only hope for justice. 

As political tensions rise in the wake of the shogun's recent death, and rival warlords threaten war, the Kyoto police forbid an investigation of the killing, to keep the peace--but Hiro has a personal connection to the girl, and must avenge her. The secret investigation leads Hiro and Father Mateo deep into the exclusive world of Kyoto's theater guilds, where they quickly learn that nothing, and no one, is as it seems. With only a mysterious golden coin to guide them, the investigators uncover a forbidden love affair, a missing mask, and a dangerous link to corruption within the Kyoto police department that leaves Hiro and Father Mateo running for their lives.

About the Author

Susan Spann   is the 2015 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Writer of the Year and the author of three previous novels in the Shinobi Mystery series: Claws of the Cat, Blade of the Samurai, and Flask of the Drunken Master. She has a degree in Asian Studies and a lifelong love of Japanese history and culture. When not writing, she works as a transactional attorney focusing on publishing and business law, and raises seahorses and rare corals in her marine aquarium. Visit her online at

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