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  We must express the importance for all past due balances to be paid. If you have a past due balance, your invoice was sent to you a couple of times and some have received a separate email, please make arrangements to pay that in full this week.  We need to clear all of these balances to help us during this time.  If you are not able to pay in full, please reach out to Nicole or Sonja and set up a payment plan, we must set up a weekly plan to pay these balances off.
All of our full time teachers have been reaching out to families and children in a variety of ways.  The creativity has been amazing and greatly appreciated.  Due to majority of the After School Staff being laid off during this time, I am unable to require them to reach out and maintain the connections with School Aged children and families.  Bill and Kendra will continue to reach out from time to time, to keep you updated and informed regarding summer camp and fall after school enrollment, and just to check in. 

Fall and Summer Enrollment
We are still enrolling for Fall 2020 After School Program.  We have now opened enrollment to the children enrolled at Apple Tree whom will be entering Kindergarten this Fall.  Please reach out to Nicole, Bill and or Kendra to reserve your space before we open enrollment to the general public whom are on the wait list.

Summer Camp registration is up and running. At this time we have not been informed of any changes that need to be made for Summer Camps, therefore we are enrolling and hopeful that we will be able to run our camp as usual.  We will be closely monitoring all information, and will adjust our plans accordingly. 
Tuition Updates
I wanted to inform all After School families of a recent change that was brought to our attention at the end of last week.  As you all may have known, the state offered to pay 50% of all tuition if we agreed to pay our staff their full salaries during this time.  If families could not afford their 50%, they just had to email me to let me know and you would go onto our wait list and un-enroll at this time, leaving the state to pay 100% of your tuition to ensure our full income was coming in.  Well, late last week the State informed us that they were in fact not going to be financially supporting School Aged children at this time.

At this time the State is working on plans for School Aged children and income for centers like ours. In the event that the Child Development Division comes up with a plan to financially support these programs, we are going to continue to ask you to un-enroll for this school year if you do not have the means to pay.  All we are looking for is an email that states due to financial hardships you are unable to pay your tuition at this time and must unenroll. These emails can be sent to nicole@appletreelc.com.

We are encouraging anyone who can continue to pay, to please do so.  We are at a loss of this income moving forward.  With this loss of income, came the difficult decision to lay off majority of the After School staff and our substitute teachers in order to continue to survive financially. Without the money coming in, we simply can not have it going out. 

If you are able and would like to pay any amount during this time please mail your payments to Apple Tree Learning Centers 1056 Mountain Road Suite 16 Stowe VT 05672.   You can also call Nicole or Sonja with a Credit card or pay through pay pal. The pay pal link is available on our website.  

All payments made moving forward will be applied to your account and will be held as a credit balance for the Summer Camp or Fall 2020 After School, or towards a child that still may be enrolled in any of our other programs at Apple Tree, unless you specifically notify us that the funds are a donation or continued enrollment payments.

If you are an essential family and your child is currently attending, you are billed your regular tuition unless your child is school age. School aged children that attend our essential program are not charged, by us,  to attend per the  Child Development Division directive. The state reimburses Apple Tree a set amount for each School Aged child that attends and we are not allowed to charge a difference.

Please keep in mind we are paying the majority of our teachers during this time, on top of ensuring all of Apple Tree Learning Centers monthly responsibilities are paid on time.  We are relying on the state payments, which only come twice per month and are two weeks behind, so we are always fronting all expenses, including payroll. We have yet to receive any of these funds.  Given that we did not charge families for 2 weeks, and had a full payroll in one of those weeks along with all of our other financial obligations, we are severely behind in income at this time and are counting on your payments.  If you are in a financial situation where you can pay some form of tuition, it would be appreciated tremendously and applied on your account as stated above.

Letter from the State