Dear Friends:

I am grateful for the enormous community and teacher support for my election to the Newport Mesa School District Governing Board of Trustees. I am thrilled at the opportunity to continue serving my community in this new capacity. I've al
ways said that "great schools create great communities." We have good schools, but the bar can be set higher to turn our good schools into great schools, providing first class education to all students. Our two cities will benefit by the improvements.

After much thought and consideration, I have decided that it is in the best interests of the community for me to resign my City Council seat on December 14, 2010 when I am sworn in as a new member of the NMUSD Governing Board. Although I am confident that the legal hurdles can be overcome, it will continue to cause our Costa Mesa community to be wrapped up in turmoil. Instead of fighting the legal challenges, I feel it is in the best interests of the community for me to show leadership by immediately begin working to positively impact our schools. This decision was not easy. I am humbled by the overwhelming support of those who emailed and posted on my Facebook page requesting that I hold both seats. In the end, after consultation with family, friends, and city leaders, I feel I can better serve our community by moving on.

I am not leaving the City of Costa Mesa; it is my family's home. My husband works here, our children attend our neighborhood public schools and play sports here too. My relationships with the City of Costa Mesa, its staff, and business leaders will benefit me in my new role.

I ran to improve transparency between the District and community, modernize technology skills training across the district, reduce the achievement gap, and
enhance our theatre and sports facilities. I've already started work on your behalf.

My proposal to stream the NMUSD Board Meetings on the City of Costa Mesa website is in the works now, and will allow greater access to Newport Beach and Costa Mesa residents.

I will also be requesting that the Costa Mesa Sp
orts Fields Master Plans for Costa Mesa High School, Davis, and Tewinkle be agendized for the January school board meeting. While there is no current funding source for this project, we must have a plan to raise the capital. Implementation of these plans will transform the schools and surrounding neighborhoods positively.

As a planning tool, I will be requesting an inventory of all technology equipment and resources at every school site. Our students and teachers must keep pace with changes in technology at every school in the district. To be successful in the marketplace and in college, students must have access to modern technology and skills training.

Finally, in an effort to consistently address the needs of our families, teachers, and staff, I will be creating a "wish list" feature on my website where students, parents, staff, and
the community can post items. These items will be sorted and help me to identify priorities in my Trustee Area which is the Costa Mesa High School Zone, but also throughout the District. I plan to host quarterly community meetings to provide progress updates, previews of things to come, and an opportunity for the community to voice concerns.

I am honored that the voters allowed me to serve them for the last 6 years as a council member. Our Costa Mesa community will experience many changes during the next few months. The new city council will also be choosing a new city manager, fire chief, and other key positions. The economy will continue to limit plans for our community's future. I hope that the residents of Costa Mesa will trust me in knowing that your city employees, whether at City Hall, in the parks, on the police beat, or firehouse, care deeply about the city and its residents. They give 110% every day and spend most of their lives right here in the city. Please support them as they
do you during these difficult times. I encourage more residents to get involved, participate on city committees, attend or watch the meetings, and help shape the community you live in. We need you.

I hope you will join me as we begin this new adventure. I need you as my partner. I look forward to joining the current board members, and I'm ready to get to work on behalf our our schools and community. I hope I can count on your help.

Katrina Foley

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