Ideas to Impact:  Afterschool Programs 
What if you could help middle school students make meaningful connections with their schools and teachers beyond the school day?

The final bell has rung at Ecker, Treasure, and the elementary schools. Many students head home, to sports, and other activities, but hundreds of students stay at school to participate in the district Afterschool Programs (ASP.) The K - 9 school sponsored ASP programs available to Park City students continue to grow and thrive because of donors like you!

Originally meant to provide a safe space for elementary students after the regular school day ended, PCSD's Afterschool programs have evolved to deliver both academic and extracurricular activities, many of which are based on student interest. 

Treasure Mountain's Mustang After School Academy (MASA) began with PCEF donor funding two years ago. "MASA continues to be an important program for our community of students. It provides a connection for students that is personalized to them through choice and need," says Amy Jenkins, Assistant Principal, TMJH. "Bringing students and teachers together through shared interests creates a sense of connection and belonging for the students, both of which are important to overall student wellness."   Read More

Read this article from the Afterschool Alliance to learn more about the academic and social benefits of after school programs.

Read the Park Record article about the Afterschool DJ Club at TMJH.
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Running with Ed!
Be Healthy -  Have Fun - Give Back
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Donor Spotlight: Why We Give
Sooze and Jamie Preston/The Keith and Nancy Johnson Foundation

Sooze grew up in Tennessee and went to college in Middlebury. "I met my husband Jamie there. He skied for Middlebury. After grad school (he Syracuse, she UVM) we settled in Burlington, VT. I didn't learn to ski until I was in my 30's, but I figured it would help since I married a ski racer!"

They took a leave of absence from their jobs in the mid-90's to tour western ski towns. "We both loved Park City. It seemed more like a regular, real town, and it was the perfect size. So we decided to make the move!

"My mom was a teacher and my dad was a doctor, and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be a teacher! I started teaching in 1985, taught through grad school, and continued teaching when we moved here. I've always taught middle school science. People ask me why I teach that age group, and it's simple - I love them!"

"My parents formed their foundation nearly 20 years ago. Education was always very important to them, so that is the focus of what they fund. Giving to PCEF is perfect. It's one spot that funds so many programs. Given my love of science and how important I think it is for kids, it's a natural to fund programs like Afterschool Science at all the elementary schools, and the Avalanche Safety course for TMJH."
Are You a Sports, Activities, Before-or-After School Coach? Does Your Program Outside of the Regular School Day Need Funding?
Men4Ed Wants You!
Applications for the inaugural Men4Ed Grants are open!

  • $20,000 to be distributed
  • Applications must meet the following criteria:
    • Be a worthy club, sport, or activity that is tied to Park City School District
    • Program or activity must take place OUTSIDE the school day.
    • Program or activity must support Men4Ed's mission of being "Champions of the Underfunded."
  • Grants Due: April 17
  • Grants Announced: May 1
Questions? Contact Jess Griffiths at
March EVA Lesson

The March EVA lesson features  Laurel True, an artist, educator and community builder based in New Orleans. She has been creating architectural, public and community-based mosaic art for almost 25 years. In the style of True, students will use recycled materials to make mosaic art.

EVA is a collaboration between the Kimball Art Center and PCEF. PCEF donors provide $90,000 to fund EVA.

Thank you to Zions Bank for its support of EVA!
Teacher Spotlight: Sam Thompson
  • 20 year teaching veteran in the PCSD
  • Has taught 3rd and 4th grade. Worked as the Technology Coach for the elementary schools, EHMS, and now TMJH
  • Hanover College: Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, Walden University: Master of Science, Education Technology. Endorsements in ESL and Ed Tech
  • Originally from Elkhart, IN. Moved to PC in 1998. 
  • Married to Liz Thompson, a 7th grade English teacher at EHMS and has a son, Sammy, 13, who is a 7th grader at EHMS
  • Hobbies include skiing, hiking, biking, and working on cars

Sam became interested in teaching as a teenager. "When I was in high school, I was a tutor and realized I could teach a concept to just about anyone.  I loved seeing a student 'get' a concept they were struggling with."

Sam also loves the connections he makes with students. "One of my favorite memories is having a student ask me if he could come to my wedding and that he would bring his own chair.  He is now a big wig at Skullcandy and he always talks about the influence I had in his life."

Sam has been integral to numerous PCEF grants. "The coolest thing about PCEF's support... 
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