"We lost everything
that doesn't matter."
Marcy and Lou
Coyote's got a brand new Den
Two feet of tide ...
Our gutted living room ... the future site of Coyote Music Den house concerts.
When the water receded, we found a "surprise party"of playing cards. These are Marcy's family deck, along with a few random family snapshots, all having floated from their stored spots in the house to greet us.
The oak floors were salvaged from the decommissioned naval base in 1944. They are now in the big trash pile at the lifeguard beach.
"Walking In Memphis" by Marc Cohen
"I need a shower and a nap here ..." Marcy
Our 1908 Steinway, even after standing
for a couple of hours
in two feet of salty, septic,
muddy water is still playing !
Ocracoke Escape Room
is currently closed with an unknown future ...

by Marcy Brenner and Kristin Donnan

A unique narrative cookbook
about a family bakery,
Brenner's Bakery in Alexandria, VA,
complete with 50 of the most beloved treats
in kitchen-sized recipes.

Buy "A Baker's Daughter" 
to get the Chocolate Top Cookie recipe.
Read it to feed your soul.
-- Sara Bernstein, screenwriter

Part cookbook, part ode to her father Max,
Marcy Brenner weaves love, joy and warm
aromas into one satisfying volume. 
-- Susan Stuck, Food writer and former Alexandria resident 

Like an excellent cinnamon swirl,
this memoir blends family history,
loving memories and cherished original
recipes - a delight for all of the senses.
-- Karen Jones, broadcast journalist, author
and lecturer

In "A Baker's Daughter" Marcy Brenner
recreates the world of her childhood--
a world of love, work, and most of all,
of delicious bakery treats.
-- Pat Garber, nature writer and poet

Marcy Brenner’s book tells the engaging
and heartfelt story of an immigrant family
making its way in the American century.
Rich with photographs, first-hand accounts
and recipes to die for, “A Baker’s Daughter”
recalls a time when family-owned
businesses served
as places of comfort, community and
continuity or America’s burgeoning middle
class. So grab a sweater, a cup of tea, and
Marcy Brenner’s book. At least for a while,
life will be sweet again.
-- Leslie Siddeley, consultant and writer living in Alexandria VA

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