Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches,  serving in our community,  and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
After The Storm
Reagan enjoyed playing soccer at her school last month!
I love a good storm.  It is a powerful thing. The thunder, lightning, intense rain....and then in a moment it is over and the sun bursts through!  We have just ended an amazing storm of ministry activity in Costa Rica with 464 missionaries ministering throughout Costa Rica from May -August. This was a powerful storm of Holy Spirit power moving in and through the local church as missionaries stepped out of their comfort zones to serve the Lord.   Our storm of intense ministry occupied much of our time even when I, Nathan, was not leading trips. Our storm involved millions of little details, pastor calls and texts, airport runs, money transfers, paying cooks, booking hotels, working through administrative details, caring for our staff, and much much more!

W hen you are in the storm you cannot see much, but after it clears you can step back, access the damage, see what worked, what did not, what improvements need to be made, what needs to be pruned, and you make a plan to move forward.
Malachi is always working on his soccer skills!

This is the season we are in now.  It is a time to breathe for a moment, reflect on what God has done all over Costa Rica, and make plans for the next wave of ministry.  After our first complete summer season of ministry, we now have finished an entire year of beginning to end mission trips.  From finding new partnering churches, to seeing their church blessed beyond belief as a team of people from the U.S.A. have poured their hearts out serving in the community of the local church.  I love seeing the look of "it worked!" on the new pastor's face.

This season reminds me of my favorite Christmas movie "Elf" (I know it's not spiritual at all).  In the beginning of the movie the elves and Santa are all celebrating a successful delivery of toys to all the children, and Santa announces "We've had another very successful year.  With all of that hard work, it's time to start preparations for next Christmas!"  That is what we are feeling at this time!

Isaiah turned 4!
We are recognizing what worked, what did not, and how we can improve for an even more impactful season next summer.  Currently, I am investing most of my time to finding new local staff and preparing for our first ever PPM Pastor's Conference in Costa Rica, and our second Staff Retreat.  We look forward to celebrating with our Staff and Pastor's all that the Lord did, and encouraging and instructing as we move forward. 
Sudden Need Update...60%
Six weeks ago we found out that we were not able to renew a large grant that we had received one year prior.  We sent out an urgent email to ask for help, here's a little recap of that need:

THE NEED:  Our current need was for $1,000 more in Monthly Support.  There is no  commitment too small.  We currently have people giving gifts that range from $10 a month to $300 a month. Would you pray and ask God what your commitment level could be?  You can make your secure, tax-exempt Monthly Gift  here !

AN INCENTIVE:  Anyone that signs up to give at the $100 a month level or more, and has given that ammount for at least 6 months, receives one free mission trip a year (excluding flight fees) to see first-hand the work that you are sowing into! 

THE UPDATE:  We have been so blessed to receive  60% of the need in Monthly Support!  We are still in need to help make up the shortfall, so if you feel the Lord leading you, you can start your Monthly Donation here! 
Darrell's Update
Darrell has just begun his first week as a student at the University of Delaware (north campus).  Laura and Malachi were able to fly with him to the US a few weeks ago to help get him settled into his new place, fill out job applications, and get familiar with the Wilmington bus system.  

He is now all moved in, started college, and has secured his first job!  Thanks for keeping Darrell in your prayers, and thanks to all of our Delaware friends and family for helping and looking out for him in our absence!

Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi  & Isaiah Norman