After you say “I DO” 
In the afterglow of a great celebration, and in anticipation of celebrating a lifetime together are seasons after seasons of much love, great hope and many expectations.

Notice I said anticipation of “CELEBRATING” and not "spending" a lifetime together. 

Marriage is noted as a precious gift from God. Celebration is the action of making one's pleasure by engaging in them, enjoying them & elevating them. It’s to honor, praise, recognize & appreciate God’s gift to you. It’s to verbally express how great and how important they are to you. 

After the wedding comes the marriage! The happy couple have covenant with each other and has vowed before witnesses and thee almighty God. It is only fitting that the happy couple now not only make God the head of their marriage but put even more effort, energy, time and yes planning into making the marriage even more BEAUTIFUL than the wedding itself by “CELEBRATING’ each other on a daily bases. 

Not always a easy task but a sure and proven task. One that can be achieved by three powerful elements.
Communication, Commitments and yes, Celebration! 

Communication is a great key to your marriage that builds trust & confidence as well as helps you to understand & know more about one another. Always communicate. Share your day, your highs & lows, your personal accomplishments & even your personal failures. Openly & honestly share your likes & dislikes about one another so you can learn to enhance one another. This is a sure way to learn what makes one tick & what ticks one off as well. 

Commitment is a tool that not only helps the key to fit the lock but it turns the key to open up an even stronger feeling of support & loyalty. It leads to the pathway of forgetting & forgiving . This pathway helps direction & determination to become the driving force behind your “I DO”
It is here you’ll find that your Love for one another is BIGGER than moments of doubts, fear, temptations and disappointments. Is is here you‘ll find overcoming & conquering Power. Yes, it is here you will discover your best friend, your lover & your soulmate. Whatever hinders or obstacles comes your way you’ll find through commitment that true loyalty outweighs & outlives them all. 

Celebrating is simply saying “I got you Babe” Couples, no matter what.... have & uphold each other”. Through the thick & thin, the ups & downs, the good, the bad and the ugliest of life.....hang in there and always have each other’s back. Live, love, laugh and laugh some more. Tickle & giggle, cry on each other’s shoulder, and always hold each other’s hand. Push, motivate & be each other’s strongest advocate & greatest cheerleader!
Make the date nights, keep the date nights. Let passion & compassion have its way! Wrap your arms & your legs around & over each other. Caress, sweat & tangle up in intimacy..... you’re CELEBRATE one another more often than often. Kneel in prayer together daily without ceasing. Let your love, marriage & home be a reflection of thee almighty God that not only placed you together but is keeping you together. 

These top three elements are the prefect tasty Ingredients to add to your marriage recipe. As they blend together you’ll discover you’ve cooked up a true, for real happy,meaningful, loving & spicy life together. 

In addition always remember the unique gramma of a true marriage has no punctuations marks. No, there are no comma’s, or periods in this. The life of your marriage is actually the explanation mark that makes clear statement to others that your marriage is built on a foundation that cannot be removed... it’s one that gets better & stronger with time for a true marriage is a run-on sentence....filled with nothing but lifetime CELEBRATIONS!

You’ve said “I DO” now CELEBRATE forever!!!