Theme: After the wedding...
What can we do after our couple is married?
As Mentor Couples and Facilitators, we spend lots of time with our Engaged Couple. They learn to trust us, look to as as a powerful witness of the Sacrament of Marriage, and a couple that offers sound, credible insight.

While we may have completed the discussions from the Fully Engaged Inventory with the couple, is our role as Mentors done? Or is our responsibility as disciples of Christ, to continue accompanying our couples, as much as we are able?

Here are a few things you can consider to keep the lines of communication open.
  • Remember in the cop shows, how an officer will give a card to a person and says if they ever need help, call me. Do that for your engaged couple. While we are not meant to be counselors, we may be that trusted couple that they feel comfortable going to if they find their marriage needs some work.
  • Send a brief note or email (notes are better) to the bride and groom a week before their wedding, offering prayers and support as they approach the alter on their special day. Include your phone number and email, to make sure they have it later.
  • When your couple moves into their new home/apartment, or even if they are staying in the same place, offer them some ways they can bless their new home as a married couple. One idea can be found here. Or buy a "Bless This Home" sign they could put above their door. (Amazon, Esty, Hobby Lobby, Wayfair all have them).
  • Include the couple on your Christmas card list, letting them know you haven't forgotten them. It is amazing to receive cards back over the years and watch their families grow!
  • Invite them for dinner around their first anniversary, just to see how they are doing.
  • When there is a parish function, invite them to accompany you. It may help them feel more comfortable in their parish at a fun setting such as Bingo, Parish Festival, etc. Invite them again when you need help at a parish function. Doing service for our parish community is always easier when your invited and know someone there.
While many of our couples move far away from our parish, city/town or state, here is something you can do:
  • Call or text your couple randomly every few months for the first year. Let them know you are just checking in to see how they are doing.
If you haven't gotten the idea, INVITE, INVITE, INVITE!!