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Along with the rest of our fraternity, we mourn the loss of a landlord who lost his life in an attempt to evict a pair of tenants. The tragedy highlights the need for owners to entrust the legal process and law enforcement professionals to remove disgruntled tenants out of the rental unit. 

In our latest article , we admonish landlords to resist “self-help” eviction measures and not take unwarranted risks in confronting residents. 

When the Sheriff's office performs an eviction, it is the finality in a series of carefully choreographed steps of an unlawful detainer action, with many potential minefields along the way.  In this video , we outline five common reasons landlords stumble and lose the unlawful detainer action.

Of course, Bornstein Law remains equipped to help manage relationships in every phase of the tenancy, with an emphasis on avoiding conflict before it is enlarged.
From the Bornstein Minute: Five surefire ways to lose an unlawful detainer action
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