August 31, 2018
Steering Committee Tours Fannie C. Harris Facility
On July 10th, several of After8's 40-member cross-sector Steering Committee toured the former Fannie C. Harris Elementary School, future site of the After8toEducate collaborative's drop-in center and emergency youth shelter. The committee had the opportunity to see first hand the renovation in progress. Slated to open this fall, the drop-in center, on the first level, will serve homeless youth ages 14-21 by providing access to laundry services, meals, school enrollment services, showers and other supportive services. The shelter component, slated to open Spring 2019, will provide residential and other social services to unsheltered DISD high school students.
After8 Executive Director Tours Nevada Youth Shelter
On July 17, After8 Executive Director Hillary Evans toured the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center in Las Vegas, NV. Serving youth ages 16 to 24, this shelter has a 166-bed capacity, and is currently funded for 80 occupants. The center's director, Kim Moore, shared best practices after being open for a year and embarking upon a $10 million capital campaign. Nevada has one of the highest rates of unaccompanied, unsheltered youth in the country, further underscoring the need for housing services for homeless youth.
Funding News
Major Grant from Rainwater Foundation Establishes Matching Fund Drive for After8toEducate 
After8toEducate has received a $500,000 grant in support of its mission from the Rainwater Charitable Foundation. “We are extremely excited and grateful for the support by the Rainwater Charitable Foundation,” said Hillary Evans, After8toEducate’s executive director. “This gift, contingent on matching funds, makes a powerful statement that this collaboration is important. The planned programs are vital and valuable to the many homeless youth in Dallas who desperately need our help.” The gift, the largest in the organization’s brief history, will match dollar-for-dollar up to the half-million maximum commitment. These funds will be raised during the designated period that is now through November 30, 2018. Click here to see the formal press release.
Community Happenings
Homeless Children and Youth Act (H.R. 1511) Passes in Committee
The Homeless Youth and Children Act is a bi-partisan effort to change Housing and Urban Development's definition of homelessness to include those who are couch-surfing or living in motels. On July 24, the bill passed in the House Financial Services Committee. Until this bill passes, HUD only recognizes those who live on the streets or in shelters as homeless. However, homeless youth tend to stay with family in motels or couch-surf with friends, rendering them more invisible and not eligible for federal funds. With this bill, more federal money will be allocated to youth homelessness, which will increase the number of beds designated to homeless youth throughout the country. To see the press release issued by First Focus Campaign for Children, click here .
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