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Issue # 66 - JUNE 2020
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A Message From the Editor
Normally in this column we list classes, workshops, conferences and other events offered by colleagues whose work we support. But now, since the Corona Virus, there's not much to announce. However, we still found a few great online offerings:

Mini-workshop with Terri Daniel


with Thomas John

Online Monthly
with Austyn Wells

June 10 ONLINE
with Suzane Northrop

June 24 ONLINE
with Suzane Northrop

August 15 - 16
with Kitty Edwards

Hello friends!

Those of you who are long-time supporters of my work (and of The Afterlife Conference) may notice that our newsletter looks a bit different this month. That's because our email marketing provider -- Constant Contact -- has changed some of its interfaces to make emails more readable on tablets, phones and other devices. So bear with me as I learn the new format and the various bugs and glitches get worked out.
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We've got some interesting stories for you this month, but of course our big news is that the 2020 Afterlife Conference Livestream Broadcast launches on June 5. Listen live, or listen to the recording at your convenience (details below).

I hope to see you there!

In other news, since, like many of you, I've been spending a lot of time at home with my dog lately, I thought it would be nice to start this month's issue with some fun dog stories. But we've got lots of serious material too, including an amazing video of an Indian spiritual teacher describing what happens during the process of dying.

Many thanks and blessings!

Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy,
Bereavement and Trauma Support
What Dogs Teach us About Grieving
by Larry Patten   
When you are grieving, it may be important to be careful with your companions. Some love to give advice, and some of that advice can be good. But what works for one person when they were grieving their favorite uncle’s death may not work for someone grieving a spouse of fifty years. In our grief, we need people around us who will listen without rushing to the “solution.”

Hey, my dog puts up with a lot weird stuff that I say. She just keeps listening. Doesn’t interrupt. Doesn’t ignore me because she has something more “important” to say.

I hope every griever has a friend or family member willing to listen. READ MORE...

The 2020 Afterlife Conference is ONLINE!
Three days of high-value content to watch during Corona virus lockdown!
Even though we had to cancel the 2020 Afterlife Conference, you can still attend, because we're bringing it to you ONLINE! Watch it live, in real time, or watch the recording at your convenience any time until September 30. DETAILS HERE

Interview with Psychic Medium John Edwards
In this brand new interview (March 2020), John talks about how he was first introduced to his own intuitive abilities and the doubts he had during the early years of his career. Among other fascinating stories, he recounts an experience of past life recall that he had as an adolescent. which prompted him to engage in deep study of metaphysics and psychic phenomena.
The Latest Episode of Ask Doctor Death:
Shamanic Journeys in Clinical Settings
In this episode we talk with David Steinhorn M.D., (a specialist in pediatric critical care, palliative care and hospice medicine), and Jana Din, a shamanic healing practitioner. David and Jana work together as a modern day amalgam between Western medicine and indigenous shamanic healing. Their unique collaboration provides shamanic healing support to patients and their family members, and was featured in a nationally broadcast television show, Healing Quest, in a segment titled " Shamans in the ICU . " Listen to the full episode HERE.
A Beautiful Perspective on
Consciousness Leaving the Body
In preparation for one of the interfaith chaplaincy courses I'm teaching this fall, I had to do some research on Hindu death and grief rituals. In the process I came across this remarkable video, which what happens to the body and the spirit as consciousness departs.
Interested in Interfaith Chaplaincy?
Are you interested in end-of-life or hospice work as a spiritual care provider? If you'd like to enhance your professional standing with a mainstream credential in pastoral care, consider enrolling in the Interreligious Chaplaincy Program at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) this fall. I will be teaching a course there called Spirituality in Bereavement: Interfaith Perspectives, which highlights sections on Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

You can pursue this as either a certificate program (which includes a unit of CPE), or as part of an academic degree.

You do not have to subscribe to any religious tradition to be a clinical chaplain. Contrary to popular stereotypes, clinical chaplains present themselves to clients and patients as religiously neutral, regardless of their personal theological perspective. Read THIS ARTICLE on what chaplains DON'T do.
Contributors Corner
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