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Issue # 30 - June 2017

Published by The Afterlife Education Foundation,
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Events we


 Portland, OR.
June 1-4
The Seventh Annual Afterlife Conference! 
June 8, Somerset, NJ
An Evening of Messages from Spirit
with Thomas John and Suzane Northrop

Boulder, CO.
July 29-30
Living and Dying Consciously
with Kitty Edwards 

Westminster, CO.
August 3-6
Colorado Springs,
Oct. 7

The Evolution of Forgiveness
with Terri Daniel

Kansas City, MO. 
August 26
Grief as a Mystical Journey 
with Terri Daniel 
It's That Time Again!

With The Seventh Annual Afterlife Conference just a few days away, things are a bit hectic right now at our office. As you might imagine, we're swamped with last-minute details, so this month's newsletter will be short and sweet.

There are some tickets left for the conference, but if you can't make it in person, you can still participate by watching key presentations online via our livestream broadcast: 

You'll get 15 hours of video programming featuring the best and the brightest in end-of-life care, afterlife research, bereavement, and mystical perspectives on what happens after we die. You don't have to watch it in real time... you can watch any time you like until the end of this year.  Click  HERE  for details

Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT
Founder, The Afterlife Conference
Interfaith Chaplaincy, Bereavement Support

 Is Mediumship Real? 
by Suzanne Giesemann

I do my best not to become defensive these days. Defensiveness usually indicates something within me I need to work on. So I asked myself, am I writing these words to defend mediumship? In a way, yes."  READ MORE...


 Interested in Developing 
Your Own Intuitive Skills? 

Members of our Facebook group often ask us how they can fine-tune their ability to receive messages from the other side. This is our standard reply: 
1. We ask all group members to please read some of the articles in the FILES section of our Facebook page. There are many techniques for developing your intuition, but you have to take the time to read, study and learn from others. HERE is one exercise that is very helpful. 
2. We have an extensive list of books that we recommend. We urge you to read these books, practice the exercises and meditations, and work on the internal healing processes that support opening the conduit. 

3. Finally, it is important to study with experts! Take classes with noted mediums such as  Hollister Rand Suzane Northrop  or  Austyn Wells . Like any skill, after-death communication can be developed and improved, but it requires guidance and direction. All the top mediums have been students of other top mediums. We learn best through apprenticeship and mentorship.

I Know you Love me. Now Let me Die
 A physician laments the often-excessive care
of older adults at the end of life

"We never say much as we frantically try to save the life we know we can't save or perhaps silently hope we don't save. When it's finally over and the last heart beat blips across the screen and we survey the clutter of bloody gloves, wrappers, masks and needles that now litter the room, you may catch a glimpse as we bow our heads in shame, fearful perhaps that someday we may have to stand in front of God as he looks down upon us and says, "What in the hell were you thinking?"    READ MORE...

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