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Issue # 49 - JANUARY 2019

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Worldwide Online
Feb. 12 - April 16 
with Dr Linda Backman

Portland, OR.
Jan. 18 - 20
The Art of Death Midwifery
with Olivia Bareham

 Salt LakeCity, UT.
June 6-9 
The 2019 Afterlife Conference! 
Early-bird prices
end Feb. 15,
so register soon!

South Jordan, UT.
April 6
Grief as a Mystical Journey
with Terri Daniel

Ending 2018
with Sacred Ceremony
When a community is devastated by a traumatic event, such as a mass shooting or natural disaster, in addition to individuals grieving their personal losses (death of loved ones, loss of a home), there is a communal loss experienced by all who have been touched by the event, directly or indirectly.

Grieving in community is an ancient practice that has been lost to many of us in modern Western culture. To grieve fully and consciously, it is critical that we connect with other grievers to help each other carry the collective burden of community, tribal or national loss. 

Last month, my dear friends Austyn Wells and Maggie Yenoki joined me in facilitating a Community Grief Ceremony to support those who were affected by the cataclysmic wildfires (and a tragic mass shooting) in California. You can see details from that ceremony HERE.

And this month I was honored and grateful for the opportunity to host my 28th annual  Winter Solstice Ceremony and Celebration. I started this tradition in 
1990 when my son was born. As a new mother, I wanted my child to understand what the "Christmas season" was really about, so I studied ancient, worldwide, pre-Christian customs, and learned about celebrating the winter solstice.

And that's what I've been doing ever since.

I invite you all to explore opportunities for creating ceremony in your own lives. It is a very healing spiritual practice, and is particularly helpful in grief work. Here is a seminary paper I wrote on grief rituals that you may find useful.
Terri Daniel, MA, CT
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy
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We are beyond excited about next year's conference! Our brilliant talent scouts have discovered some amazing new presenters who are offering mind-blowing topics that include:

. Men and Grief 
. Shamanism,Psychosis and Spiritual Awakening
. The Science of Psychedelics to Relieve Death Anxiety
. Loss and Grief as Spiritual Initiation
. A  full-day "death education immersion" workshop

... and much, much more!

. Lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday are included
with your general admission ticket.
Earlybird prices ($70 off) end on February 15!

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Can Cats and Dogs See Spirits?

It was recently brought to my attention that even mainstream science recognizes cats, dogs, and other animals can see frequencies humans can't.
After reading about it a little bit, it makes sense scientifically in a separate way from spiritually. It's simple really: the scientific explanation is that cats and dogs can see UV light and a few other rays, which human retinas don't have the ability to see. READ MORE...

Preparing to Euthanize Your Pet
 by Sarah Kerr, PhD

Preparing to Euthanize Your Pet
Sarah will be one of the presenters
at the 2019 Afterlife Conference

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