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Issue # 55 - JULY 2019

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Events We Recommend

July 9 - Aug. 29
Join hospice physician 
Dr. Karen Wyatt and 
end-of-life educator
Dr. Terri Daniel
for an  online course on 
CE credits available

July 26-29 
Sebastopol, CA.
with Jerrigrace Lyons

August 3-9, Faber, VA
The Monroe Institute

Roseburg, OR. Sept. 14
 Grief as a
Mystical Journey
full-day workshop
with Dr. Terri Daniel
CE credits available 
2019 Conference Wrap-Up
( and a huge discount on our
livestream recordings) 
Hello friends!

We've done it again! Another year, another great Afterlife Conference. The attendee feedback was the most consistently positive we've had to date, which makes us beam with pride about the rich, in-depth content we offer.  

We're super excited about next year's event -- our ten-year anniversary -- which will be held in Chicago June 4-7, 2020. Mark your calendar!

In the meantime, you can watch this year's (and last year's) conference online via our livestream recording. The producers are offering a great deal to our subscribers until July 4. Prices will never be this low again: 

We hope to see you next year for our big birthday bash! 
Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy

The rapidly growing Near-Death Movement - based on thousands of testimonies of people who have experienced consciousness beyond the limitations of our physical life - is yet another example of humanity's limitless spiritual potential. It's additional evidence of our ability to co-create whatever reality we participate in - be it on the Earth right here, or in that sweet hereafter. 

Need CE Credits? 

Online Class on
and Chronic Illness

Whether you are a patient, a caregiver or a professional dealing with chronic illness, this course will give you unique practical and spiritual tools for your journey.  

When facing chronic illness we must consider not only a patient's physical care, but the spiritual and psychosocial impact of chronic illness on the individual, the family and the supporting community. 

This 8-week,16-session online class explores spiritual issues related to illness, suffering and healing, particularly the existential questions that challenge our belief systems and our images of the divine. Click  HERE for details.

How I Want to be Dead 
Image: JooHee Yoon


Our New Facebook Group:
Afterlife Dreams and Visions

We delighted to announce the arrival of our third Facebook group, AFTERLIFE DREAMS AND VISIONS.  This new group is related to our FB page The Afterlife Conference, and to our original FB group, Afterlife Awareness and After-Death Communication.

The new group has been created specifically for discussions about the messages we receive from other dimensions in the form of dreams and visions.
 Come join us! You can find it HERE.
For lively discourse on topics related to 
death and the  afterlife, join the conversation in our  

We also have a thought-provoking blog. 
Read it (and comment) HERE.