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Issue # 59 - NOVEMBER 2019

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Events We Recommend

Sebastopol, CA. Nov. 1-4
with Jerrigrace Lyons


Deerfield, IL - Nov. 9
Messages from Spirit
with Suzane Northrop
and Thomas John

Online  - Nov. 17
with Dr. Terri Daniel
and Brian Smith
Online - Nov. 17
Meduimship Practicum
with Austyn Wells

Faber, VA, Nov. 9 - 15
Medical Intuition and Dreams That Heal
with William Buhlman

Downers Grove, IL.
June 4-7

The 10th Annual
Afterlife Conference
Earlybird prices end Dec. 31
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on general admission!
Two Online Workshops
for Those Who are Grieving  
As Winter Solstice approaches, we celebrate as the season shifts from darkness to light. But the holiday season can be dreadful for those who are struggling with grief.
To help you emerge from the darkness of grief toward the light of healing, we are offering two online, interactive events in the coming months.

The first is a FREE interactive, online mini-workshop on   Being Present with Grief During the Holiday Seaso on Sunday, November 17. It is live and interactive, so you can participate in the discussion and activities. However, if you can't make it in person, it will be recorded, and a link to the recording will be posted in our December newsletter.

Following that, for those interested in deeper exploration (and in response to the many requests I've had to offer my popular Grief as a Mystical Journey workshop online), there will be a two-part, in-depth, five-hour workshop on January 5 and 12. The content is suitable for bereaved individuals as well as bereavement professionals, and there are five CE credit hours available for social workers, counselors, nurses and more.  
Please see the announcement below for details on both events. I hope to see you there! 
Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy,
Bereavement and Trauma Support

 If it's Not Evidential, it's Not Mediumship

Editor's note: This article was sent to us for our comments, and we're passing it along to you for yours.What do you think of mediums who channel celebrities and historical figures? How can they produce evidential information when it cannot be validated?  
Email us at office@afterlifeconference.com if you'd like to weigh in.  We might use your comments in our next newsletter!

" Jannecke also had an interview with Channeling Erik medium Jamie Butler. In that video,  she asks Jamie to ask Erik for validating evidence to prove that Jamie is really speaking with Erik. Jamie tells Jannecke that he sees her getting out into nature when she's feeling overwhelmed, and that she jogs down to the end of this pier by a large lake in loose drawstring pants with the cuffs rolled up.  I was curious to know if this was a true vision, so I contacted Jannecke herself and got this response:

"All I would like to say is that Erik or Jamie was 100 % correct about the visions at the lake. It amazed me."

It is very interesting to compare the experience Jannecke had with medium Kim Babcock and medium Jamie Butler, where one was able to produce a true psychic vision (whether it was from Erik or not), and the other refused to, and claimed Erik the spirit became annoyed by the question.  Take from it what you will."  READ MORE...
If It'  

Two Online Grief Workshops 
for the Holiday Season!
Sunday, November 17, 2019
4:00-5:30 pm Pacific Time

Being Present with Grief 
During the Holiday Season

For many bereaved individuals, the winter holidays are full of sadness because loved ones who have died are no longer present. But grief isn't only about losses due to death; there are many different types of losses -- such as divorce, illness or financial crisis -- that can come into sharp focus during the holiday season.
This experiential mini-workshop will introduce you to unique healing tools not typically found in traditional counseling or support group settings. You'll learn to create personal healing rituals to honor the grief journey, and practices to help you embrace impermanence while recognizing the spiritual gifts of grief.
Click HERE  to register for this workshop
(you'll receive the login details
with your registration confirmation)

In-Depth 5-Hour Workshop

Sunday Jan. 5 and Jan.12
4:00-6:30 Pacific Time

Grief as a  Mystical Journey

For those mourning a loss of any kind, or for professionals working with loss, trauma and grief, this workshop provides a rare emotional and spiritual earning experience via interactive processes and sacred rituals for navigating the grief journey. 
Participants will be led to deeper healing by moving toward internal transformation as opposed to focusing on external events. We do this through guided meditation and gentle body work, along with ritual and ceremony, which gives form to the formless and converts unseen healing energies into practical tools.

Two online sessions:
Sunday, January 5
Sunday January 12 
4:00 - 6:30 pm Pacific Time
Click HERE to register for this workshop
5 Continuing Education hours for
counselors, social workers, RNs and more!

Meet John Pavlovitz

John Pavlovitz at the Village
We are thrilled that John Pavlovitz, best-selling author and former  Christian pastor known for his social and political writings, will be presenting a workshop at next year's Afterlife Conference. You've probably already heard of him, and if you have, you're familiar with his bold political commentaries. However, he won't be talking politics at the conference. He'll be talking about conscious spirituality in a presentation called Waking Up From the Fog of Faith. In addition to that talk, based on his stunning success as an author and blogger, John will also be facilitating a workshop on Speaking, Writing and Marketing Your Spiritual Truth. If you're a spiritual teacher, healer or author, this is a remarkable opportunity to learn from one of today's most influential thought leaders.  More on John's work HERE.

The 2020 Afterlife Conference 

is Coming to Chicago!
June 4 - 7, 2020


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to save $75 on general admission

The Afterlife Awareness Conference

For lively discourse on topics related to 
death and the  afterlife, join the conversation in our  

We also have a thought-provoking blog. 
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