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Issue # 63 - MARCH 2020

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Events We Recommend

March 14 - Chicago, IL.
NDEs: Now that we Know, What Should We Do?
with Terri Daniel and 
Chicago IANDS 


March 15 - Chicago IL. 
Grief as a Mystical Journey
with Terri Daniel
and psychic medium
Suzane Northrop


April 24-26, Vancouver, BC
Conference on
Religious Trauma


April 25 - 26 - Boulder, CO.
 Living With Dying Workshop 
with Kitty Edwards
In This Issue
There's so much to talk about this month that I decided to use this column as an overview of the content you'll find below. 

With The Afterlife Conference only three months away,we're crazy busy around here, doing our best to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to attend our 10th anniversary event. And in that context, below  you'll find two great discount offers:

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Also in this month's issue, two new sections... our Podcast Parlor, featuring recommendations for our favorite podcasts, and our Patron Page, honoring our generous donors.

Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy,
Bereavement and Trauma Support

New Feature!
The Podcast Parlor

Many of our newsletter subscribers are baby boomers, a generation whose grandparents were the first to get their news and entertainment from a radio.  The next generation was the first to gather the family around a television set; a technological advance that changed the world.

Today, the internet has transformed us in the same way, and the current generation of media content now comes from streaming (what would your grandparents think of that word?).

So as a new feature, each month we will highlight some of our favorite podcasts for your listening pleasure, covering these diverse topics:

Ask Doctor Death is a new podcast from The Afterlife Conference
(see full article, below)

Brant Huddleston interviews Robert Kopecky, who's had not one, not two, but  three near-death experiences! 


An ex-Christian couple shares their perspectives on how to live on the other side of religion


Clinical psychologist and medium Dr. Amy Robbins explores life, death,
and what it all means. 


Why a Celebrity Death
Can Feel Like a Personal Loss
by Terri Daniel

AP Photo_Ringo H.W. Chiu

After the sudden and shocking death of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, I was asked by Business Insider to write an article about why celebrity deaths often feel like personal losses. Here's an excerpt: 

"The rich and famous are no more special than the lonely and destitute. We're all equal in the cosmic scheme of things, regardless of our bank balances or which god we pray to. Recognize that your assumptions about safety and protection are illusions, and practice loosening your grip on them. We can learn a lot from theologies and belief systems that teach about accepting impermanence and practicing non-attachment." 

Our Premier Episode is now Available!  

Hospice physician Dr. Karen Wyatt and end-of-life educator Dr. Terri Daniel answer your questions about death, dying and bereavement in this bold new podcast where no subject is too sensitive or too taboo!

Check out our first episode, Misconceptions and Medical Misunderstandings.
You'll also find two bonus episodes, including an interview with psychic medium Thomas John.
Talk to Us! 
If you have a question you'd like to ask Doctor Death,
send it to [email protected],
and we'll discuss it on the show!

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The Afterlife Awareness Conference

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