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Issue # 64 - APRIL 2020

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April 19 and 26

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on grief and loss, below)

April 25 - 26
Boulder, CO
  Living With Dying Workshop 
with Kitty Edwards
There aren't many events to announce right now due to the pandemic. However, we've added several new items to the Afterlife Conference agenda:    

Post-Conference Excursion 
Sound Healing Workshop
Private Sessions with Mediums and Healers  
The Afterlife Conference
Will Go on as Planned

Many of you are concerned about attending the conference in June. As an update, here's what we're looking at right now: 

. At this time, we do not plan to cancel. At the moment, the only reason the conference would be cancelled is if the hotel closes, or if there is a travel ban/lockdown, either nationally or in the Chicago area.  If that happens, all attendees will receive a full refund.

. If you choose to cancel your own registration, our published refund policy will remain in effect. We are currently in the 50% refund period, and we will keep it at that level rather than reducing it as the conference date approaches. 

. We recommend, if you are already registered for the conference, that you wait until at least the end of April before making the decision to cancel. 

. Every year, on the Hotel and Travel Info page of our website, we provide a link to purchase travel insurance. You may still be able to purchase it.

. We are looking into producing an on-line version of the conference if needed.

Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy,
Bereavement and Trauma Support

Some Things You Should Know About Grief and Loss Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic

During any mass tragedy, whether it's a natural disaster, an act of violence or an epidemic, communities experience COLLECTIVE grief. In addition to obvious losses, such as the death of a loved one, we also experience a variety of subtle or secondary losses that we may not even be aware of.

In order to restore emotional balance, please take a moment to recognize these losses as you work through your feelings of anger, disappointment and fear:

  • Financial, Material and Worldly Loss - Loss of assets or financial security, or the loss of a job or a project. The pandemic is causing massive upheaval in economic stability for everyone, from billionaire investors to the lowest-paid hourly workers. We are all grieving this loss
  • Environmental Loss - The world outside our own homes is no longer safe to inhabit. We are grieving the loss of habit and habitat.
  • Loss of Social Interaction - Separation from friends and family, children not being able to play together, no hugging, no touching, etc. Deep, deep grief for this, disruptive to emotional well-being.
  • Loss of Physical Health - Becoming infected with the virus, or being more acutely aware of one's physical vulnerabilities.
  • Institutional Loss - When a corporation, religious body, government or medical system fails to provide the benefits it promises, there can be a profound sense of community loss. We are grieving ALL of those losses right now.
  • Loss of Autonomy/Freedom - We are grieving the loss of our personal freedoms when we are locked down or quarantined.

If you would like to learn how to shift your focus from external events to inner transformation, I will be offering my nationally-acclaimed workshop, Grief as a Mystical Journey, online next month.   DETAILS HERE.  


Dreaming with the Departed:
An Interview with Robert Moss

We are honored that dream traveler and three-time near-death experiencer Robert Moss will be teaching an in-depth workshop at the conference this year. He is a master of dreamwork,  and combines ancient shamanic and mystical practices for journeying beyond the physical. 

In this interview, he talks about what will be offered in that workshop, and how we can learn to communicate with the departed through our dreams.

New Episodes now Available!  

Hospice physician Dr. Karen Wyatt and end-of-life educator Dr. Terri Daniel answer your questions about death, dying and bereavement in this bold new podcast where no subject is too sensitive or too taboo!  

Our two newest episodes are of particular interest during these difficult times:

  • Death and the Corona Virus: Truth, Triage and Moral Injury
  • Grief and the Corona Virus: Recognizing Deep Existential Losses
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