Happy National HOT TEA Month!
Cheers from Ruth, Stacie, Mitzi and Lisa!
The girls and I are busy, busy regrouping from a fantastic Holiday Season, thank you so much for supporting small business and sharing your love for tea!
National Hot Tea Month is a good time to remember that TEA is second only to water as the most consumed beverage on Earth. Some only think of it when it's super cold outside or they are feeling a little under the weather. If you've been following our month long Tea Trivia challenge on our social media, you've been learning many more fun facts about TEA. You can still jump on our Instagram and facebook pages to catch the remaining ones throughout the rest of the month. If you've been wondering how to incorporate more tea in your daily routine, we have great ideas, come talk to us. We'll help you drink healthy and love it!

January also means transitioning from our Holiday Teas to our Winter Teas . So, if you LOVED one or two, come on in and stock up before they are gone, or give us a call and we'd be happy to ship them right to your door.

What's next:
  • Cupids Blend
  • Winter Spice
  • Dandelion Detox
  • White Earl Grey
  • Sencha Fir

I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate your loyal support. Thank you so much for reading and so much for drinking we look forward to seeing YOU soon!


Afternoon Tea ~ The February Edition
...I hope you like chocolate
Afternoon TEA
Saturday February 15th
11:00 ~ 5 seats available AND 2:30 ~ 4 seats available
Saturday the 22nd is SOLD OUT
To Reserve your Spot, grab your credit card. Call us at 816-822-9832!

Afternoon Tea at the Tea Market is a "tea" unlike any other!
We serve a 5 course tea; scone, soup, sandwich, tart, and dessert. All 5 dishes are farm-to-market, fresh, local, seasonal food, expertly prepared and beautifully presented. Each paired with a special tea I personally select to be the perfect flavor compliment to each dish. And while you're enjoying these delicacies, I'll share information about the teas, the food, and answer any questions. 

Important note: Price is $50 per person; this includes a "Sampler" of all 5 teas served, as well as taxes and gratuity. This event is not for children, and because there is a set menu we are unable to cater to individual dietary requirements. Because advance payment is required, please call to secure your reservation. 
The Menu
Scone ~ Strawberry Chocolate Chip served with a Creme Fraiche Strawberry Spread
Tea: Cupids Blend, black tea with dried berries, hibiscus and chocolate chips
Soup ~ Mushroom Soup made creamy with pureed vegetables, garlic and thyme
Tea: White Mountain, mutan white tea and pu-erh blend
Sandwich~ Roast beef, Arugula, on Marble Rye with sweet/savory horseradish spread
Tea: Japanese Cherry, green tea with cherries and blossoms
Tart ~ Mini quiche with Red peppers, Bacon and Swiss
Tea: Sencha Fir, green tea with pink peppercorns, citrus and almonds
Dessert ~ Chocolate Lava Cake, topped with Raspberries
Tea: Decaf Raspberry Aronia, black tea with raspberry and cherry

Prepayment Required ~ We'd love to have you! Call 816-822-9832 to reserve.
Intro to Oils Class Feb 1 @ 10:30
I'm so passionate about every aspect of natural plant based wellness; Tea, Super foods, healing herbs, and essential oils.

Iv'e spent the last 4 years enjoying, using and researching essential oils and I love sharing my passion for them with you.

This class is free, please call to make a reservation if you'd like to join us.

I HATE to be sick and I will try any natural remedy to get well FAST
The week between Christmas and New Years, I woke up one morning with a banging headache, sore muscles, brain fog, a tickle in my throat and gathering congestion in my chest...

"NOOOOOOO", I screamed and ran to my collection of oils

The FLOOT cocktail kicked it to the curb and I was dancing the night away at our niece's wedding on New Years Eve!

Want to make your own FLOOT cocktail? Just click the Buy Now link below

Anyone that joins and makes this purchase gets a free 60 min wellness consult with me!

The FLOOT cocktail

  • Frankincense
  • Lemon
  • Oregano
  • On Guard
  • Tea Tree
3 drops of each oil in a small glass of water, every 3 hours
Matcha Class
Sat. February 1 2:00 $8
call to reserve your seat
Everything you need to know about this super tea. And a demo on 6 delicious ways to enjoy and how to make them at home. Please join us.

Ready get started? click on the button below to get your own starter set sent directly to you.

Saturday February 29 at 10:30
FREE to anyone who has not attended before
Come learn everything you need to get the right start to your tea journey. From Herbal infusions to all the various categories of tea; White, Green, Oolong and Black Teas. We'll also briefly discuss Functional Teas, Chai and Matcha. I'll teach you my 3-step process to making every tea perfectly, every time. The best part? You get to taste all the yummy samples! Reservations, a must, call to make yours. 816-822-9832