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August 24, 2017
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Afterschool programs are engaging youth in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning, including children who may not otherwise be selected to, or choose to, participate in STEM programs. They provide a different mode of intervention - one that allows matching learning experiences to students' interests and facilitates project-based learning that drives home the relevance and importance of STEM in our daily lives.  
Afterschool Is for Everyone
The National AfterSchool Association is a founding partner of The Connectory. The organization's current #afterschoolisforeveryone campaign speaks directly to our values:      

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"The afterschool field values diversity and inclusion and as afterschool leaders we work to model these values in our work, creating physically and emotionally safe spaces for all afterschool professionals and the youth and families they support. From the very origins of our field - settlement houses with caring adults serving immigrant children in the mid-1800s - to our work today where skilled afterschool professionals help children learn, grow and succeed in communities around the country - join us in sharing the message that Afterschool Is for EVERYONE!"

Here are three afterschool opportunities that are working to bring STEM skills to underrepresented youth.

Coder Gals Workshops : High school female mentors teach elementary school girls how to code in these free afterschool workshops. Find out how to start a chapter in your area to share your knowledge of coding, empower younger girls, and earn community service hours. No prior coding experience is necessary for mentors.

CS First Clubs : The Boys and Girls Club of Green Country, Northeast Oklahoma, has three clubs that participate in block coding clubs called CS First Clubs. Youth (ages 9-14) build projects in Scratch. The clubs are an hour in length, and are offered on different days depending on the location. Boys and Girls Clubs of Green Country also does homework hour every day afterschool.

SCFG STEMinistas Middle School Clubs: STEMinistas use team-based design challenges to engage middle school girls in exploring STEM topics from microbiology to computer science to mechanical engineering. Volunteer mentor-scientists and adolescent Junior Mentors lead fun and interactive STEM explorations with groups of up to 15 girls.
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The Connectory offers a streamlined way to add dozens of opportunities (afterschool camps, workshops, career fairs, competitions, and other time-bound STEM events) to The Connectory. Email us at and we will send you customized upload instructions.
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