Celebrating Class 41!
1st Row: Caitlyn Evans, Ben Cochrane, Ashley Hatfield, Craig Gyslelink, Courtney Naumann
2nd Row: Kelly Lawrence, Glynis Gordon, Käerlek Jänislampi, Heidi Morris, Josh Heinicke
3rd Row: Dan Gore, Justin Lanman, Justin Becker, Will Wiles, Margaret Homerding
4th Row: Jenny Knoth, Wes Tracy, Brock Leonard, Kai Itämeri, Emmett Wild
5th row: Hailey Monson
A Message from our Executive Director
A little more than a year ago, Class 41 returned from Vietnam and Cambodia filled with fresh memories and once in a lifetime experiences. They were ready to graduate from AgForestry. Little did we know we’d have to postpone for a year for the chance celebrate in person . . . Even then, gathering face to face was not to be.

Unusual times called for unusual measures, so we moved forward with a virtual seminar and celebration. This was the sixth AgForestry graduation I’ve witnessed. While it was clear we missed gathering in person, I still saw the same joy on the faces of the graduates. I still felt their relief as they marked the end of one chapter of their leadership journey, and sensed their eagerness to continue with the next. I still saw the AgForestry network rally behind the graduates to see them on their way. I felt their hope for the future and their expectation of great things from Class 41. It was wonderful to behold.

Please join me in once again congratulating the members Class 41 and wishing them a prosperous future. They are FINALLY AgForestry alumni!

-Matt Kloes, Class 36
A Message from the Class Speaker
Stu Bledsoe
Memorial Award
The award is presented to an individual who the current graduating class of AgForestry believes has made a significant difference in the natural resource industries in the State of Washington. 

Vicki Christiansen (Class 12), Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, was honored for innovation and collaboration in leadership. Her work conceived this idea of Shared Stewardship, which now defines how states, federal agencies, and tribal governments work together to manage our natural resources.  

Click on the picture of Chief Vicki Christiansen to hear her acceptance speech.
Class Awards
The Jack Felgenhauer Next Generation Leadership Award is presented to the AgForestry Leadership Class member who is voted by his/her classmates as most likely to use their AgForestry training to make significant differences in their industry and community, and foster the next generation of leaders for the natural resources industries and the world.
The Karl and Lexie Kupers Leading Edge Leadership Award is presented to the AgForestry Leadership Class member who is voted by his/her classmates as showing enthusiasm, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and willingness to take calculated risks and try new ideas.
The Carol Mercer Inspirational Award is presented to the AgForestry Leadership Class member who is voted by his/her classmates as showing enthusiasm, empowerment, encouragement and inspiration — all traits that Carol Mercer exhibited and that her fellow participants admired.
Jenny Knoth
Owner, PN K Consulting
Kai Itämeri
General Manager,
Garrison Creek Cellars
Kelly Lawrence
Olympic National Forest Supervisor,
U.S. Forest Service
Heidi Morris, Class 41's President presented the awards.
Heidi described why the class selected each award recipient.
"Jenny is an advocate for her industry at the state level. She is passionate about her community and helping to shape the next generation. She is always willing to take you on a hike, campout or even a game night. Jenny is one of the smartest, most humble people I know."
"Kai has the willingness to take calculated risks while also enjoying each stage of his new business. He has an uncanny ability to think about business opportunities, is always looking ahead and asking great questions to help with assistance in his new business. Besides nothing says entrepreneurial spirit like opening a winery during the middle of a pandemic."
"According to our class Kelly is passionate and enthusiastic. She's a great leader and teacher. Kelly leads by example, not only for her peers, but also for her two young daughters. She's passionate and has a purpose in her life's work. She was also my first roommate in this AgForestry Experience and I'm proud to call her a friend."
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