Make Every Season Count.
During this challenging moment of the COVID-19, we understand your businesses have been in lockdown and there are restrictions on visitors to your facilities. Your hard work and dedication have gone a long way and we want you to know that we are there for you.
Our experienced team remains devoted to our community to ensure your systems are working correctly as you continue to spray and move forward with your production. Our software solutions allow you to view your sprayers actively working which enables you to work from home and still be able to see what is going on in the field.
If your business has implemented a social distancing directive, our team is still available to assist you through our AgriSync support number. This allows Insero Representatives to link with you through the camera on your phone and see what you see. We want to make sure you don’t fall behind. 

AgOtter is a control system that calibrates and provides data logging and real-time tracking for assets such as sprayers and harvesters. AgOtter is portable, allowing it to be swapped between assets depending on the season. AgOtter uses an App as the interface to its controllers so you can setup, watch, control and track all assets through an iPhone or iPad. 

AgOtter is designed and manufactured in Tempe, AZ. For a full list of AgOtter partners, check out our website at .

Sincerly, Grey Guyette and the Insero Team.
From Field to Office- AgHippo enhances your business.
Wake up to a daily spray job log in your inbox. After every spray job you can analyze the data by using our Ag Hippo Live subscription. AgHippo Live gives you the opportunity to review current and past spray jobs and being able to access it through your computer at home or any other device.
Some of the greatest features of AgHippo includes:
-Tracking your AgOtter system while sprayer is running.
-Review the performance by speed and rate control that’s based on your target rate.

Lastly, AgOtter along with AgHippo will help you stay efficient throughout all your important seasons. Ask us for a free demo by sending us a message or learn more on our website
AgOtter's Partner Of The Month: Ferarri Farms
For this month, we are spotlighting one of our very first AgOtter clients, Greg Ferrari. Ferrari Farms is originated in Linden, CA. This 500-acre farm has stayed in the family for many generations.

The Ferrari’s first immigrated from Italy to San Jose and Linden California. The family started their entrepreneurial journey as bakers and owned a bakery in San Jose that was known as El Dorado. George Ferrari moved to Linden to expand the farm and grow his crops. This farm is now run by Greg Ferrari, his father Wayne, and his two siblings, Jeff and Gina. They grow a wide variety of produce such as cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples, a variety of vegetables, and tree nuts. For 40 years, they have been growing crops organically long before it became a fashionable trend. They transformed it into a lifestyle.
Ferrari Farms has had a successful and amazing journey over the years. Now, with the help of AgOtter, Greg has an easier time spraying his fields while keeping things on track. He is satisfied with how much his calibration has changed and the accuracy of his spray jobs have improved. As Greg begins his early mornings spraying his fields, the AgOtter actively tracks each spray job based on the his specified target rate, notifies him to adjust the speed at which he is spraying, and shows him how the spray applicator is spraying evenly on both sides of the rig. Perhaps most importantly, once the job is finished the AgOtter records the data and saves it in a log for Greg to analyze.

The Ferrari family says “we take pride in what we grow, we want each piece of fruit and walnut to be the best you ever had.” We at Insero are proud to work with Greg and the Ferrari family to help that be a reality for years to come. You can learn more about Ferrari Farms at
AgOtter Community Update
Please update your iPads to the latest iOS 13.4.1 update to prevent technical difficulties. This update will reduce any glitching, app running slow, connection failures, or data being transferred over to AgHippo Live.
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