May, 2019

Less than three weeks after the previous newsletter went out, I left my home of more than thirteen years, put all my things in storage, and began a long adventure about which I write more in another part of the newsletter. I am writing this newsletter from the first long stop on this journey: I am in Israel for the month of April after landing here in late March and going directly to Bethlehem to work intensively with a group of Palestinian women for five days.

This has been a challenging time for me, both politically and in terms of my family situation. Politically, it's the rightward move of this country, especially as it's manifested in the near absence of engagement with the core issues related to Zionism and its impact on Palestinians in the last more than 100 years. In terms of my family, it's the encounter with the bureaucratic nightmares of dealing with a mother of 90 who is at constant risk of falling that neither she nor the health evaluator of the social security system here fully recognize. I am dedicating this letter to a few vignettes of what has sustained me in this time: seeing the human spirit shine brightly, even and especially in time of challenge and difficulty.  
Empowering Palestinian Women LeadersEPWL 
  • On March 28th, about 40 Palestinian women converged in Bethlehem for a 5-day intensive training with me. Most of them were there last year and came back for more. Some of them joined this year for the first time. Beyond the immediate breathtaking experiences of seeing women open up, notice and step into their power, develop relationships, and find hope and courage for the next phase in their life and leadership, this time around we shifted the relationship into fuller partnership. A number of these women -- most of whom face, on a daily basis, the dual challenge of Israeli occupation and all the horrors it brings with it on the one hand and the many restrictions of their community norms, especially as it relates to women, on the other hand -- accepted a new challenge: higher partnership in terms of the funding of the project, and a new design for the coming years. The empowerment, in other words, is already happening. Once they realized that the fundraising we are doing here (in which you can still participate!) has not reached its goal for the first phase, they came up with a threefold strategy: finding ways of cutting the costs; taking on some of the responsibility for fundraising on their own (they already raised $900); and thinking about how to reduce costs for next year. Some of the women are beginning to take leadership with other women in the group, being focal points for small groups, and eventually being the ones to introduce new women to the frameworks we are working with. Starting next year, the work I do is now designed to focus primarily on these efforts at leadership within the group, which also will mean a smaller group at next year's programs and hence fewer expenses.   
Several of the Palestinian women and Miki at a museum in the Walled Off Hotel 
The Two Faces of Zionism  zionism 
  • In the midst of the devastation that I see going on in Israel, I encountered an entire swath of the population that I hadn't known about at all when dozens of them came to the 3-day retreat I led in Israel, and almost 100 came to a daylong that my sister Arnina and I co-led. These are people who are part of what is now called the Collaborative Movements. I have been seeing Zionism, for some years now, as a two-faced phenomenon: one face is a national liberation movement and one face is a settler colonial enterprise. Most people see only one or the other. It's lonely and painful to see both within this climate. Those who see the settler colonial face, the devastating impact on Palestinians, and the absence of any acknowledgment of or taking responsibility for that impact, are usually either unaware of the other face, or, even when they are, often dismiss its significance. Those who are present leaders within Israel and much of the current Zionist movement are immersed in a version of nationalism that is no longer aligned with the historical visionary elements of Zionism. Indeed, they usually do their best to suppress memory and awareness of the radical roots of Zionism as a movement aiming to transform conditions of capitalism and even of separation, and to serve as inspiration in the world for what living differently can look like. The Collaborative Movements are reviving these radical roots. Incomplete, imperfect, open to lots of critique, especially about the role of social pressures in their decision-making processes, they are nonetheless thinking through questions that are similar to what we grapple with in NGL. Dozens and hundreds of people in their 20s and 30s are trying to change Israeli society. They are aiming to be demographically representative of the entire population of Israel. So far, they have managed to do so in terms of the Arab population, although I don't see evidence of much actual living together. They are in open dialogue with as many groups in Israel as are willing to be in dialogue with them. They take on and actively engage with significant social problems within and even beyond Israel. They are doing it in an Israel that is hostile to their efforts, up against opposition from their families of origin, with little by way of material resources, and without an older generation to learn from.
  • Right after sitting with a group of people from one of these movements, Arnina and I went to Nazareth, to visit some of the women who came from there to Bethlehem and some friends of theirs. The contrast was intense. This was a 30 minute drive, and a move from seeing one face of Zionism to seeing the other. Both Arnina and I are still learning the full scope of the horror that befell Palestinians in 1948, what is referred to as the Nakba, or catastrophe in English. It was revelatory for us to learn, and then it made perfect sense, that Palestinians wouldn't grasp the extent of how little is known by most Israeli Jews about what happened to them. It's actively suppressed, to the point of there being a law that forbids the use of the word Nakba in high schools. It's not common, even within Israel proper, for Jews to visit Arab towns. Everything in Israel is set up against us knowing each other, against us knowing about each other's experiences and history. And these women engaged with us in such openness. We easily walked through all these challenges and differences to an intimate conversation and to images of future projects together.   
The Nakba
With My Mother, Finding Togethernessmother  
  • And, lastly, my mother. She turned 90 last month. She remains oddly strong physically, and recovered with amazing speed and fullness from a fall last December that led to an ankle fracture. And there is no amount of strength that will overcome the slight brain damage from a small stroke she had a few years ago and which puts her at permanent risk of falling. This, and some memory decline and confusion, are a permanent hazard. And, until a few days ago, it was impossible to talk with her about it, something which was a cause of anguish for Arnina and, through that, for me also. Then we had a watershed event of finding a way to hold it together, which all of us worked hard to create. Watching my mother walk through the fear to a place of acknowledging that she hadn't wanted to look at these things, and still mostly doesn't want to, and, based on that, to a format that we created for how to hold the gap together, was inspirational. It also led to a way of framing certain conversations that are, I believe, generally difficult for people. Here's what we came to in that. Any time Arnina brings up a moment in which it's hard for her to not be able to hold reality together, my mother now has a script, written for her and which she fully embraces, which says this: "Thank you for telling me. I understand that this is hard for you. I don't understand why it's hard for you. And this is the situation we are facing." A tender togetherness can emerge in this even when the gap is big, even when it is unlikely to be filled: the togetherness of recognizing, together, that the gap exists and we can hold it together even if no change in behavior will ever happen on either of their parts.

All my life I've loved movies in which the human spirit shines through, not the ones that highlight cruelty or violence, or portray a negative view of human nature. My heart longs for more evidence of those possibilities, especially as the accelerating challenges of our times are pushing more and more of us into survival mode, even many of us who are in decent health, have more than enough to eat and a basic sense of solidity in our lives. In my recent post, I speak of the power of choosing our story instead of inheriting it from the dominant narratives, and the intoxicating freedom that can come from reclaiming ourselves from the throes of patriarchal training. May the stories I included here serve as a reminder of our irrepressible human capacity to choose beyond our conditioning and habits and find fullness and beauty in life.
in peace and hope,
P.S. If you want to hear more of what's been happening in the last couple of months, click here for both work and personal celebrations and mournings, including my first retreat in Israel, recent podcasts I appeared on, and my move out of my house.

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elizaBeth Simpson
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In the Humility Corner of her Celebrations and Mournings, Miki reflects: "I am seeing how challenging it is, in some situations, to release any attachment, and to come into a conversation truly ready to learn." I recently experienced a related situation when I met with Leonie, my co-Steward at BayNVC, about our outreach efforts. Having reflected on the situation independently, I approached her with a proposal and asked for her thoughts on my idea. Instead of responding to that, Leonie offered a perspective that to me emphasized a collaborative, rather than transactional, orientation. Her response made all the difference. I realized I had come to her thinking about how to move forward on my idea, rather than how to engage with her about it, even though I value collaboration with her. I realized I had approached her with the assumption that she didn't have time to engage, and that I often assume, without realizing it, a lack of availability in others for collaboration with me. Leonie's graceful redirect opened my eyes to a blind spot that has kept me unnecessarily from the resource of others' willingness. Though I know it will take a certain mindfulness on my part to keep that veil from falling back, the relief and expansiveness I feel has already impacted my engagement in local racial justice and community singing work.
ElizaBeth Simpson is the Resource Coordinator at BayNVC. She can be reached via email at
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