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Hi John,

I spent several days listening to the stories of pain many nurses have suffered from the forced vaccines their hospitals are demanding. It is heartbreaking to speak with them and realize how much they have gone through, simply for being better informed.

Here is some of their story, but also a way for administrators to see other views. It is only by tearing down the walls of dividsion that we will ever restore our freedoms. Hope you enjoy.

Communicate yes, surrender freedom...never!

For God, Family, and Country,


Against Their Will: The Immorality of Hospital-Forced Nurse Mandates

America relies on hospitals. When faced with catastrophe we expect them to have the best medical advice and best trained personnel.

Increasingly, hospital administrators advance official vaccine narratives and NIH protocols while ignoring often sound advice that might be contradictory.

Our nation’s response to COVID-19 has bankrupted businesses, severed relationships, and placed our economy on a path to potential stagflation. We see these same responses beginning to infect choices at our nations’ premier health institutions.

As of this writing over 214 hospitals and health systems are mandating employees get vaccinated over threat of losing their jobs. Is this extreme action justified?1

Recently I interviewed nurses who had decided against taking the COVID-19 vaccines. All agree that universal vaccinations are premature, can do potential long-term harm, and in most cases are unnecessary.

Unlike their media portrayal, front line, laboratory, and healthcare workers are not anti-vaxxers nor extremists. Most get regular flu vaccinations. They have all cared for COVID-19 patients receive exemplary performance reviews and consider themselves well-informed on both sides of the vaccine debate.

The hospitals they work for are part of Catholic affiliated Common Spirit Health, the nation’s largest non-profit health system. According to their literature, Common Spirit champions the common good and advocates for the poor and vulnerable.

Many of their staff would disagree these qualities are applied equally.

Within days of Common Spirit announcing they were mandating vaccines under threat of job loss, an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 workers applied for an exemption.

According to one 20-year veteran RN, “we suspected this was coming, but couldn’t believe they would just dump us over the vaccine. It was humiliating after all we have done to help.”

When their records system crashed many waited up to a month to learn if their application was accepted. The process was devastating.

A unit nurse confided, “The ordeal took a toll on my spouse and our kids. We didn’t know how we would pay our bills. Our kids saw we were afraid and that made them afraid.”

The pressure to get vaccinated was enormous.

At one point a letter from the Franciscan Ministries circulated proposing that vaccines are the ministry “opportunity of our times” and getting vaccinated was “an act of love...” Regardless of intentions, it was pure propaganda. The note warned that, “Autonomy is not absolute because we have a shared responsibility toward one another.”2

That responsibility did not appear to extend to those rejecting the vaccine. Those who were denied religious exemption opened their emails to find this icy note:

Dear ____,

After careful review, in alignment with our mission and values, your request for a religious exemption, as an accommodation from the COVID vaccine requirement, is denied, as it does not meet the necessary criteria or presents an undue burden to the business.”

“I have had ‘excellent+’ ratings on every performance review,” said a lab technician. “How dare they say I am a ‘burden to the business.’”3

Initially HCWs were told there would be no appeals. If their request was denied they would be placed in a “jeopardized position” and work until a replacement could be found at which time they would be terminated.

The administration did reverse course allowing the ‘denied’ to submit a verification form. Even this was handled poorly.

“We had to send a letter verifying why we want a religious exemption,” an assistant said. “We had already been through this. It was insulting and demeaning.”

While some finally received the exemption, the damage Common Spirit created may be irreparable.

One nurse noted, “the trust is gone. I love my patients and my co-workers, but I don’t know if I can ever trust Common Spirit again.”

Others were frustrated with the shifting work culture:

A nurse who had worked through the worst of the pandemic, told me, “After the mandates were announced, things began to change. Workplace divisions grew. Some took the vaccine because they believed in them, a lot were afraid to lose their jobs. We have learned not to talk about it.”

More than a dozen workers agreed that what “we are seeing in the hospitals is not what is being reported in the media. Common Spirit is buying whatever the FDA and CDC say. They are not collaborating for the Common Good.”

“One patient had thrombocytopenia, (a disease that reduces the blood’s clotting ability.) They had been in remission for years. Days after receiving the vaccine the patient was hospitalized with the most severe case they had ever experienced. The patient told the staff, “I don ‘t understand. The only thing that changed is I took the vaccine. Could the vaccine have caused this?” The doctors ignored the comment. The case was never entered in VAERS as an adverse effect of the vaccine.”

In one nurse’s words, “I go by records. I saw lungs, legs, arms, with blood clots two weeks after testing positive. Now we are seeing the same thing after the vaccines, and they don’t even have COVID. If they do have COVID, but the vaccine hides the symptoms, that is even worse.”

Their biggest frustration is that the administration and many doctors are so engulfed in FDA and CDC releases, media censorship, and slanted studies they do not see what is really going on. It is becoming clear the vaccines are not as safe and effective as initially thought.

Data that opposes the official narrative is labeled anti-vax or misinformation. Many feel leadership is too blinded to see past this. They want the hospital administration to be more open to ideas and stop promoting mandates until a more thorough investigation is completed.

To start that conversation here are several valid reports that reveal a different side of the vaccines and the agencies that promote them.

Pfizer’s Phase 2 Trial Information:

Most don’t realize the Randomized Control Trial Pfizer submitted for FDA approval of the BioNTech vaccine shows that 24 participants died in the Pfizer arm and 17 in the placebo group. Statistically, the difference is insignificant.4


What is significant is that “With 95% statistical certainty, the results indicate that the vaccine could prevent up to one death or cause up to five deaths per year among every 1,000 people.” You will not see this published in any media.5


Pfizer says the deaths were unrelated to the vaccine, but there was no study to assess that. We will never know how many deaths the vaccine may cause because in defiance of federal agency calls for a 1-year study, Pfizer halted the trial in less than 6 months.6


Cases, Breakthrough Cases, and Deaths:

(As you will see, prior to the vaccine authorization, every statistical change the CDC instituted increased the case counts for COVID-19.

After the vaccines were authorized, every change lowered the adverse effects and breakthrough cases for the vaccinated and shifted the excess cases and deaths to the unvaccinated column.)


On March 24, 2020, the CDC did something unprecedented. In private and without any outside review, the agency altered the way cause of death is reported, but ONLY for COVID. This potentially led to vastly overstating the number of actual COVID deaths.

The agency left no doubt about the results they expected. “However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”7,8

Because of this and other moves, today we have no idea how many actual COVID-19 cases or deaths have occurred.


On June 13, 2020, the CDC issued guidelines that required PCR positive patients to be tested until receiving 2 negative results. There was no provision to prevent double counting of patients or separate guidelines to prevent hospitalized patients who are retested from being counted as multiple cases.9


On July 17, 2020, Dr. Sin Hang Lee of the Milford Diagnostics Laboratory issued a paper alerting the CDC that PCR tests are at best 50% reliable.10

Despite the warnings laboratories continued using the higher settings. The CDC’s guidelines encouraged a setting of ≤40 cycles knowing the results would include 50% to 90% non-infectious fragments that would be labeled cases. One study shows that even a cutoff of ≤30 results in non-infectious samples.11,12,13,14

The data calculations arriving at the 700,000+ COVID-19 death figure have been so contorted; the figure is unusable beyond propaganda purposes.

In April of 2021, the CDC revised its PCR guidelines recommending that breakthrough cases be run at ≤28 cycles while leaving the unvaccinated cases at ≤40 cycles. This reduced the number of breakthrough cases while exaggerating number of unvaccinated cases.15


In May 2021 the CDC stopped tracking adverse vaccine events unless they led to hospitalizations or death. While this cleared a backlog of minor issues like aches or pains, it swept aside those who suffered greatly but opted out of going to the hospital and severely undercounted concerning effects.16


In a release titled, “COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Case Investigation and Reporting” the CDC again altered the way adverse vaccine effects are tallied by combining the partially vaccinated with the unvaccinated.

This was accomplished by redefining breakthrough infection as the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA or antigen collected from a person ≥14 days after they have completed all recommended vaccine doses.17

Now if a person died from a vaccine reaction 3 days after the second jab, he would be listed as unvaccinated.


VAERS Validity:

Since 1990 the Vaccine Adverse Events System (VAERS) has been used as a first stage to monitor vaccine and drug reactions. While the system is not perfect it has proved reliable in identifying potentially dangerous effects.

To date it shows more than 17,000 deaths to the COVID vaccines.18

The CDC rejects this number as vaccine related. The agency explains that anyone can complete the VAERS form and that reports may not be related to the vaccine. While true, 2 studies suggest it is the CDC that is undercounting true adverse events.

A 2009 report to HHS by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare showed less than 1% of adverse vaccine reactions were reported to VAERS. The study was never completed because the CDC failed to respond to multiple requests for the non-physician approved transmissions bringing the study to an early end. This has caused many to question its accuracy.19

Recently that 1% has been validated.

For months the CDC has claimed just 2.5 cases of anaphylaxis occurred per million doses of Moderna vaccine. The CDC even posted a ratio of 2 – 5 per 1,000,000 cases of anaphylaxis on their website.20,21

A March 2021 Mass General Brigham study found 2.47/100,000 anaphylaxis cases following vaccination. This is the equivalent of 50 to 120 times more cases than are reported to VAERS or that the CDC is reporting.

The underreporting of anaphylaxis by the CDC and VAERS is particularly troubling because it is mandatory for medical providers to report anaphylaxis after any COVID-19 vaccine to VAERS.22

A letter warning about the CDC about the undercounting was sent to CDC Director Dr. to Walensky.23

Antibody decline:

In a preprint study of 4868 vaccinated healthcare workers after 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, antibodies rapidly declined in every age or sex category.24

A preprint study of 1373 San Francisco breakthrough cases found

“Fully vaccinated were more likely than unvaccinated persons to be infected by variants carrying mutations associated with decreased antibody neutralization, but not by those associated with increased infectivity(78% versus 48%); (85% versus 77%).”25


Viral Load:

Studies are beginning to show that fully vaccinated people carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated. This is the main reason the CDC continues to call for people to wear masks. 26


Any benefits of the vaccinated over the unvaccinated continue to dwindle in the light of new revelations.This study of Viet Nam HCWs shows that vaccinated and infected workers had 251 X the viral load of those with prior infection.27


Natural infection:

From the UK COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report -Week 42

Antibodies are higher in the infected and unvaccinated than in the vaccinated.

“…recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.”28

Unlike the vaccines that require boosters increasing the odds of leakage and long-term injury, natural SARS-CoV-2 immunity does not wane for at least 10 months. These studies are very promising and need to be extended. We may find natural immunity lasts for years obviating the necessity for most of the population to be vaccines.29

While virtually all studies have limitations, the growing evidence is overwhelming that these vaccines require more study before being universally administered.

If COVID has taught us one thing, it is that hospitals can no longer rely on federal agencies and biased studies to create health industry policies. The CDC’s actions prove they are not a source for consistently reliable information.

Protecting employees and patients means being more vigilant and questioning official narratives. The leadership team displayed little effort to protect all workers’ interests beyond following data that is at best inconclusive and at worst falsified. It is imperative for the welfare of workers and the community for Common Spirit to open a dialogue to rationally discuss all sides of the health debate.

If Common Spirit truly believes in inclusion, collaboration, and compassion, for their patients it must begin by displaying the same for all who make sacrifices every day.

To quote one ICU nurse who, like many, worked when they had no PPE, when they had no idea what the next day would bring, when everyone struggled to save lives and figure it out as they went along:

“Why aren't people with authority questioning [the mandates and vaccines] and why aren't they there for us? Because frankly if they're not there for us then they're not there for the patients either.”































Catechism 1756 “It is therefore an error to judge the morality of human acts by considering only the intention that inspires them…” 

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