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August 27, 2019
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"The Spiritual Practice of Celebration"
Rev. David Wynn

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. If I am invited to spiritual practices where I must fast for days, sit and meditate for hours, sweat, chop wood and carry water…I’m all in. But, invite me to celebrate and I’m like, meh. It seems “soft” in some way…celebration is for rookies, novices, elementary school. I know, right?!? 

This realization that I have fully bought into this kind of “no pain, no gain”, it has to hurt and be serious or you’re not doing it right approach to spirituality has been very uncomfortable. Fortunately, at Agape' we are practicing being comfortable with uncomfortable! (It’s how we become compassionate non-conformists…which is how we change the world.)

SO! Join us this Labor Day Sunday as we CELEBRATE how our work in the world creates a better world! We will sing, play, chat, laugh, snack, and probably get you out early to enjoy the long stretch until Tuesday morning.  Until then, do something that makes you uncomfortable this week! You’ll thank me later…maybe. 
See you Sunday!
In Remembrance of
Shari Beers

Shari’s Memorial Service will be held September 21st at 3:30 PM.
Mount Olivet Chapel
2301 N. Sylvania Ave.
Fort Worth TX 76111

Please enjoy some butter pecan ice cream and think of Shari.

Agape MCC is now set up to receive money through Zelle.

Use the email address to send donations/tithes and the funds will be deposited into our church account that day. There are no fees associated with using Zelle. 

Most major banking institutions are supporting Zelle, if your bank does not, you can download the Zelle app from your app store at no cost.

Thank you in advance for the many ways you support our community!
It is that time of year again.

Mark your calendars for the Congregational Forum November 3rd and the Congregational Meeting November 10th. Both meetings will follow the morning worship services.

The Board of Directors (BOD) has begun preparations for this years congregational meeting. The BOD began work on the budget for 2020 during the August BOD Meeting. In addition, the Agape' Members will be electing 2 Board positions, 1 Lay Delegate and 1 Alternate Lay Delegate during the Congregational meeting.

Applications will be available beginning September 08, 2019. Please prayerfully consider running for one of the elected positions. The Board of Directors and Lay Delegate are both 3 year terms.
Artist Judy Hudson will be hosting a

Layered Textural Painting Workshop
Nov 15, 9:00 AM – Nov 16, 4:00 PM
Agape Metropolitan Community Church
4615 E California Pkwy, Forest Hill, TX 76119, USA

We will be creating layered, textural paintings using stencils and molding paste. I’ll have LOADS of different stencils for you to choose from and we will complete two canvases.

Click here to register and view class details.
Sprit Café will be resuming activities Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 7:00pm.

Our kick off activity will be...
Your help is still needed.

Pat and Janna are continuing their recovery from the auto accident they were involved in. Pat is home recuperating with the help of friends and family. Janna remains in rehab and is making progress on her road to recovery. If you are able, please make time to go by and visit Janna. Friendly faces and good conversation will help lift her spirits during her challenging road to recovery. Janna is currently at Lifecare, 6201 Overton Ridge Blvd., FTW 76132 Room 130.

Janna's niece, Sarah, has updated the CareNow site with the latest information. Please use the link below to access the CareBridge site, click on "ways to help" and click on planner. Please schedule a visit soon! If you are unable to visit, prayers for healing are always welcome!

Merciful Creator. Listen to your children cry – they cry for food, they cry for shelter, they cry for peace, they cry for love. 

We collectively seek your wisdom in feeding these children, providing these children with shelter, and encouraging peace and love in our land and beyond.

In many ways we too are lost children, while we cherish the teachings of Jesus, and strive to put those teachings into practice, we are confronted with our own sense of frustration, our sense of failure, our sense of struggle. How do you put that simple lesson of love into practice? It seems so difficult, so out of touch with our desire for things, and honor, and recognition.  

We know the way; we know the song; we know the message. Guide us down the path to fulfillment, where love guides our every thought, our every movement, our every decision.

We love you, Oh God. May our lives reflect the love Jesus taught us, so we, and others, might find peace and joy, shelter and food, all reflected in the love we share.

In the holy names we have used through the ages, we pray. Amen


King of Peace MCC
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
I have reached 100% of my goal for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk, for this, I am truly grateful. T he Susan G Komen Organization has a goal to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the US by 2026.

Their mission statement reads: “Save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.”

PLEASE continue to sponsor SGK by donating to my walk!

September Birthdays
08/28 Carrie Wynn
08/31 Barbara Brittain
09/01 Mickey Howell
09/06 Seth Wynn
09/12 Lisa Davenport
09/16 Larry Hollis
09/21 Faith Ashton
09/22 Gail Russell
09/22 Trigg Davenport
09/23 Letty Cruz
09/25 Vida Trevino
09/27 Carolyn Acton
09/29 Saige Ashton 

Sunday - September 01, 2019
Labor Day

Singspiration: In the Secret / Down By the Riverside / I Am / I’ll Fly Away

Call to Worship:   “On a Day When the Wind is Perfect” Rumi       Rev. David Wynn

Time of Greeting:  “This Little Light of Mine”

Special Music:    “Hallelujah”  TGFM

Scripture Reading:     Ecclesiastes 3:1-12   Rev. David Wynn

Response to the Reading:      “Be Unto Your Name”

Community Prayer:       Cassy Batts

Response to the Prayer:     “Healing Rain”        Community

Communion: Rev. Robert Myers
     “All Belong Here” - TGFM

Song of Sending Forth:    “Oceans”  Community

The Sending Forth: Rev. David Wynn

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