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February 11, 2020
Rev. David Wynn

“It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true.
I want to know if you can
disappoint another
to be true to yourself
if you can bear the accusation of betrayal
and not betray your own soul;
if you can be faithless
and therefore trustworthy.
-- Oriah Mountain Dreamer

No poem or teaching is perfect and there are things about The Invitation that have bothered me. THIS is the stanza from this poet that has bothered me the most. I feel very invested in honest stories! But more than that…it’s that word “faithless.” I used to change it to “faithful” because I was so triggered by it, until I read the author’s explanation. 

“As the original version of “The Invitation” was copied and shared by people all over the world, the most frequent change made to it was to substitute the world faithful for the world faithless.  I received phone calls and letters asking, sometimes demanding, that I explain my use of the word faithless.  People didn’t like it. It made them uncomfortable. 

It is uncomfortable when someone perceives us as breaking faith with past promises. Yet, if we live fully, it is inevitable that this will sometimes happen, because change is inevitable, and commitments, if they are to remain vital, must be remade and renewed.” 

That seems like a slippery slope to us doesn’t it. We want things to be more constant and predictable than that. We want to think we can hold all manner of heartbreak at bay with a well-placed vow or promise. Has betrayal ever set you free? I know, I know, triggered…let’s talk Sunday!
Tomorrow night is Pot Luck Night
and we will continue our TED Talk discussions.

Please note our new starting time 6:30PM . See you there!

New Tuesday Psychic Class Offerings with Jayme O'Donnell
7:00PM - 9:00PM

Feb. 4 - Psychic Development - Ribbons Exercise
Feb. 11 - Mediumship Development
Feb.18 - Psychic Development - Auras, Color, and Chakras
No Class on February 25

The cost is $20.00 per student. Jayme can take cash or credit card. The classes are posted on her website: and (Jayme Pyschic Medium Development Classes). Anyone is welcome to ask questions about the classes through Jayme's email: .
Do you need a fresh idea for a Valentine's date that is affordable and fun?

The Eaton High School Drama Department presents
Friday Night, February 14th at 7PM.
Tickets: $0 (free production)
Sometimes love is messy in this romantic comedy where a unique cast of characters battle for love with heart-warming optimism. John Cariani's "Love/Sick" is a collection of slightly twisted and completely hilarious short plays. This 90-minute romp explores the pain and the joy that comes with being in love. Full of imperfect lovers and dreamers "Love/Sick" is an unromantic comedy for the romantic in everyone.

T he students have been working so hard to direct, stage, costume, promote, and design all of the technical elements of the performance. We hope you will be able to attend and see the beautiful show that have put together!
V.R. Eaton High School Performing Arts Center
1350 Eagle Boulevard
Haslet, Texas 76052
(The Center is located in back of the campus next to the Student Union Bldg.)
In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the Ehlers Danlos Society .

Weekly Meditation
"Applaud Your Wonder"
by Rev. Teri Lubbers (2010)

Someday you will hear all things applaud your wonder. Life claps in awe of the Divine’s performance. When your veil is removed, you, dear – you, everyone – will see that your being is Holy…an oasis for all life the soul becomes when it is unveiled. ~ Meister Eckhart, “Love Poems to God,” Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

When was the last time you were applauded? How did you feel? Proud, appreciative, embarrassed, humbled? Do you live to hear accolades? Do you avoid them as if you didn’t deserve them? Or maybe you are just indifferent to them. When Jesus entered Jerusalem on the day we call Palm Sunday, there was a lot of excitement and praise and applause. Some of those in the crowd were sincere, some were false, and some just didn’t care or couldn’t believe. I can’t help but wonder what Jesus thought. I don’t know. But I am pretty sure that he knew who he was and was comfortable in his own skin.

We move through this life barely breathing sometimes. We move through this life wearing our disbelief like a coat of protective armor so we aren’t disappointed. We live as if behind hidden veils, that obscure our view of the world. But if we are very brave we can let the Divine remove the veil and reveal what God has always known about us…we are full of wonder…we are full of awe…our very being is Holy.

We just don’t always remember it, and can’t always live out of that deep place. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little closer with each breath, each thought, each step. Just for today – until that veil is pulled fully away – let yourself be a small oasis in a dry land for those that pass your way.

Prayer: Divine, I am listening for you today. Let me hear you all around me in the earth, the sky, in other people, and especially in my own heart. Amen.
February Birthdays
02/16 - Tru Edwards
02/18 - Kevin Harkins
02/23 - Lynne Fratt
02/27 - Julie Korek
02/27 - Paxton Roberts
Order of Worship - February 19, 2020
"Epiphany 7"

The Gathering

Call to Worship: Rev. David Wynn

Song of Welcome: "Oceans" Community

Words of Welcome and Time of Greeting: Rev. David Wynn

Time with our Children: Trish Ashton

A Response: "This Little Light of Mine" Community

A Time for Meditation

The Gospel Reading: Luke 22:54-62 Cassy Batts

Song of Response: "There is a Longing" Community

Time of Teaching: "Betrayal" Rev. David Wynn

Centering Song: "Fill Me Now" Community

Community Prayer: Kevin Harkins

Response to the Prayer: "Fill Me Now" Community

Bringing Our Gifts: Cassy Batts

Celebration of Holy Communion: Rev. Robert Myers
"All Belong Here"

Song of Sending Forth:   “Nothing More”  Community

Announcements and Benediction: Rev. David Wynn

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