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January 21, 2020

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“The Fear”
Rev. David Wynn

“It doesn’t interest me how old you are.
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool,
for love,
for your dreams,
for the adventure of being alive.”

Now This! This is something I am particularly good at! I can absolutely be a fool for love! When I was young and broke, I once rode a Greyhound bus from Texas to Indiana so I could drive my girlfriend to Texas. Did you know that Greyhound buses stop in every single town between Texas and Indiana? What’s 26 hours on a bus when you’re in love? In retrospect is was sheer hell, but at the time my longing outweighed any anxiety I felt about being trapped inside a metal cylinder that smelled faintly of pepperoni, sardines, and exhaustion.  

I can also be a fool for my dreams and the adventure of being alive…sometimes. It depends on the level of risk I’m being asked to take. What will following my heart’s longing cost? The bigger question often becomes “do I deserve this thing I feel so called too.” Other big questions are “what will the collateral damage be?” “What if I fail?” What if my dream is not actually the right dream?” "What if people think I'm foolish?" Fear and more fear and this is the short list.  So, how do we negotiate fear in life giving ways? How do we make progress towards our dreams and the adventure of being alive? The good news is that it does not involve a Greyhound bus, 26 hours on the road, or the smell of pepperoni, sardines, and exhaustion. You're welcome, see you Sunday. 
We will gather this Wednesday at 7:00PM to finish our Vision Boards for 2020. We will also play games and continue our discussion regarding what new topics we would like to add to our Wednesday gatherings.

Beginning Wednesday, February 05, 2020 we will be changing our Spirit Cafe' start time to 6:30PM. Please make a note on your calendars of the new time.

This Sunday is our Meet, Greet and Eat
Pot Luck Dinner!

Weekly Meditation - "Smile At Fear"
by Rev. Teri Lubbers (02/11/2011)

But the first step along this path is looking at yourself with a feeling of gentleness and kindness, and it takes a lot of guts to do this. If you’ve tried it, you know how difficult it can be to stay present when you begin to fear what you see. … When we wall ourselves off from uncertainty and fear, we develop an “iron heart.” When someone develops a true friendship with themselves, the iron heart softens into something else. It becomes a vulnerable heart, a tender heart. It becomes a genuine heart of sadness, because it is a heart that is willing to be touched by pain and remain present. ~ Pema Chodron, “Smile at Fear”

Ever been afraid? That uncomfortable, queasy, yucky feeling of dread, of “I’ve gotta get out of here,” that response to uncertainty that makes us react, put our armor on, and run for our lives?  No wonder we turn into control freaks. We try so hard to eliminate anything that smacks of uncertainty so that we never have to feel afraid.

What if we didn’t run away from what we are afraid of, or what makes us sad or angry or upset? What if we stuck around? We might find out that there is more to our story than we had imagined. That we reward ourselves with things outside us because it feels like there is no “enough” big enough to fill the emptiness inside. That we avoid crying and feeling sad because we don’t want to feel vulnerable and raw. That we become workaholics hoping to appease some internalized parent.  That we constantly seek entertainment to take the edge off feeling uncomfortable. We might discover all sorts of things about ourselves if we stood our ground when fear enters the room.

There is another path. We can have faith that the moments when we feel raw, naked and very tender are the real moments of our lives. Moments when the possibility of connection and gathering up all the scattered parts of ourselves becomes real, and we learn to tap in to something much deeper. We can learn to smile at our fear, stay present, and not allow what frightens us to make us shut down. Tenderness, openness, gentleness, kindness, for ourselves and those around us…these are fear’s antidotes.

Prayer: God, teach me how to stay present to all of my life. Let me not turn away from any part of it, especially those parts that frighten me. In those moments when I am afraid please teach me something that matters. Help me stay put and listen. Amen.
We received the following email from Matthew W. Roberts, PhD (Pronouns: He, Him, His), Partnership Specialist, 2020 Census, U.S. Census Bureau/Dallas Regional Census Center

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As we continue to prepare, a key piece of 2020 Census logistics still needs to be fully accomplished: recruiting enough workers to conduct these massive operations. Not a holiday present per se, but you might be giving the gift of knowledge by letting people know we are recruiting right now for tens of thousands of jobs. They can go to:

January Birthdays
01/01 - Gay Broaddus
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Order of Worship
"Epiphany 4"

The Gathering

Call to Worship: "The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For and Believe" Rev. David Wynn

Song of Welcome: "Oceans" Community

Words of Welcome and Time of Greeting: Rev. David Wynn

Time with our Children: Trish Ashton

A Response: "This Little Light of Mine" Community

A Time for Meditation

The Gospel Reading: Luke 4:16-21 Leigh Wolfer

Song of Response: "There is a Longing" Community

Time of Teaching: "Fear" Rev. David Wynn

Centering Song: "Fill Me Now" Community

Community Prayer: Rev. Robert Myers

Response to the Prayer: "Fill Me Now" Community

Bringing Our Gifts: Cassy Batts

Song of Sending Forth:   “From This Very Place”  Community

Announcements and Benediction: Rev. David Wynn

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