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June 11, 2019
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Final Week to respond!

MCC Moderator Town Hall Webinar Recordings

MCC General Conference will be held July 01-05, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. One of the major votes during this year's business meeting is to elect a new Moderator who will lead MCC into our future. We are asking for congregational input for this important election.

Below are the links to the three recorded candidate forums recently hosted by the Nominating Committee and links to their resumes. We are requesting that you please review these videos and documents. We will send out a survey in a couple of weeks allowing everyone a chance to review the candidate information. Our Lay Delegate, Kevin Harkins, will vote the will of our community at General Conference. Thank you in advance for your help, support and prayers.
(from left in alphabetical order)
Ms. Elizabeth Bisordi, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Rev. Elder Tony Freeman

Click on the candidate's name below to view the Meet the Candidate Town Hall Video.

23 April at 7pm EDT / 23:00 UTC
Click here to view resume'.

7 May 2019 7PM EDT / 23:00 UTC
Click here to view resume'.

30 April at 7pm EDT / 23:00 UTC
Click here to view resume'.

Click Here for the Survey

Governing Board Nominating Committee
Candidate Videos are now available
Meet the MCC Governing Board Slate
29 May 2019

The Governing Board Nominating Committee (GBNC) invites you to get to know the 2019 candidates for Governing Board. Each candidate has prepared a brief introductory video, and those videos are available for viewing on the GBNC section of  MCC's Website .

We hope these videos will help you as you discern and prepare to vote at General Conference.


Governing Board Nominating Committee

Rev. Tijuana Gray, Chair, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Léo Rossetti, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Terry White, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, USA
We will not be gathering this Wednesday,
June 12, 2019.

Pride Festival is this Saturday!
Click here to visit the Trinity Pride Fest website.
The Dallas Wings are taking on the Phoenix Mercury and want HRC to be a part of the excitement! Get your tickets now and come support our Dallas Wings while showing the country that DFW has a strong LGBTQ family and allies.

If you are interested in going to this event and would like to go as part of a larger group, please contact Rev. David Wynn by emailing him at or speak with him directly. Groups of 10 or more will receive a discount off the price of their tickets.
Helping Hands

Samaritan House Supper Club


I wanted to take a few moments and share a little bit about Samaritan House Supper Club opening the invitation to anyone interested in spreading the blessings. I have had the opportunity and privilege to carry on Kathy Munn's legacy and it has been an honor. I'd like to share in this experience with you. 

Agape' Samaritan House supper Club is every 2nd Friday of the month from 5 to 6:30pm. We serve pizza, dessert, chips and sometimes fruit. Food is provided all we need are individuals to serve food, spread love, smiles and acceptance. Normally there is extra food so we can sit and mingle with the residents, which they so enjoy. 

We all have an area where we can serve and if you feel you are being lead to share your spark, I'd love to serve beside you. Please reach out to me either by phone or email, if this sounds like something you would be interested in doing.

Thank you,

Rebecca D. McDonell

Click here to learn more about Samaritan House.

A lert

L ockdown

I nform

C ounter

E vacuate
The main objective of the A.L.I.C.E. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) program is to provide options increasing chances of survival during an “Active Shooter on Campus” emergency.   It is designed to be an enhancement to the standard “lockdown” system used for emergency situations.

Our Security Team will be providing additional training soon to our community customizing our response and defining roles during any perceived threat on our campus.

Thank you to our Security Team for the many ways you care for our community and keep us safe.
Prayer for General Conference

We lift up our eyes to You, God of many names,

So You can send the Holy Spirit to us, and inspire us for a new Pentecost

For the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches;

May it infuse the gifts of dedication, commitment, loyalty and sustained love,

Through the call to continue expanding the Radically Inclusive Message from the Gospel.

May we acknowledge that diversity and difference will always be enriching,

Even with our varied views and understandings we can reach unity;

And what is truly important is to continue responding,

After these first 50 years, to the vision and mission You have set for us all.

May General Conference be a time for prayer--in many languages, uniting and strengthening our faith.

In Your many names, and from different spots on Earth, we pray,


Council of Elders
Metropolitan Community Churches

I have reached 100% of my goal for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk, for this, I am truly grateful. T he Susan G Komen Organization has a goal to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the US by 2026.

Their mission statement reads: “Save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.”

PLEASE continue to sponsor SGK by donating to my walk!

June Birthdays
June 03 - Rayne Reagan
June 07 - Rebecca McDonell
June 08 - Jackson Wynn
June 11 - Michele Kingston
June 11 - Erik Campbell
June 18 - Marcus Howard
June 19 - Michael Lummus
June 20 - Noah Nerio
June 21 - Alice Davidson
June 24 - Leigh Wolfer
Sunday - June 16, 2019

The Gathering - Media

Call to Worship - Rev. David Wynn

Song of Welcome - "Power of Your Love"

Words of Welcome - Rev. David Wynn

Time of Greeting - Community

Time with the Children - Trish Ashton

Response - "This Little Light of Mine"

Song of Preparation- " You Are Mine"

Sacred Text - Proverbs 8:1-4; 22-31 - Kevin Harkins

Song of Response - "You Are Mine"

Time of Teaching - “If God is not partial to Christianity, what am I doing here?" Rev. David Wynn

Centering Song - "Fill Me Now"

Community Prayer - Kevin Harkins

Prayer Response - "Fill Me Now"

Time of Offering - Cassy Batts

Celebration of Holy Communion - Rev. Robert Myers

Song of Sending Forth - "I Am"

The Sending Forth - Rev. David Wynn
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