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November 12, 2019

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"The Field of Love" 
Rev. David Wynn

My parents are retired, and man do they love to talk about it. My dad likes to say "It's good to be me." We've created the acronym G2B Dad. It's seriously annoying. I'm happy for them and all but when they asked me recently, "have y'all made any holiday plans?" I had to stop myself from saying "survival, those are my holiday plans, survival!" My world teeters on too full and the holidays just push me right over into code red full. So, here I am, just fifteen days before Thanksgiving wondering how do I change the trajectory of this flight into the holidays? How do I have a Rebel Holiday season? I've come up with a few interesting, albeit ancient, ideas around that...let's talk about that on Sunday. Oh, and if you want a few ideas about taking some of the anxiety out of the season join us on Wednesday at 7:00 for our TED Talk...there will be hot chocolate...that's an excellent and also ancient anti anxiety practice. 

What Kind of Rebel are You? 
From Rev. David Wynn

Rebel leaders, I want to invite you to engage The Rebel Test to go a little further in cultivating your Rebel Talents. Please use the link below and I would love to see your results, if you are comfortable sharing! Happy exploring! 

Congratulations to Melisa Price and Ward Thulin on their re-election to the Board of Directors and to Kevin Harkins on his election as our Lay Delegate. Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting and participated in the life, vision and future of our church.
This Wednesday, November 13th is...

"How to Cope with Anxiety"

Join us for our continuing TED Talk series as we explore how to remove the stigma from mental illness and find anit-anxiety practices to take the stress out of the upcoming holiday season.

Hot chocolate and great conversation will be provided!

Join us in preparing our worship space for the Advent and Christmas Seasons.

We need help bringing the decorations down from the attic after our Worship Service, Sunday November 24. As of today the plan is to decorate the Narthex and Sanctuary 10:00AM Saturday,
November 30th.

Agape' MCC Raffle
win a 65" 4K HD Smart TV

We are raising funds to replace our security camera system which sustained unrepairable damage when the outside cameras were stolen. We have a security professional, from our sister St. Anne congregation, who has volunteered his time to install a new system. All we need is to raise the $1500 to pay for the new cameras. Tickets are $10. Drawing will be held in November.
More details coming soon!

You can use Zelle or SimpleGive to pay for the tickets!
Artist Judy Hudson will be hosting a

Layered Textural Painting Workshop
Nov 15, 9:00 AM – Nov 16, 4:00 PM
Agape Metropolitan Community Church
4615 E California Pkwy, Forest Hill, TX 76119, USA

We will be creating layered, textural paintings using stencils and molding paste. I’ll have LOADS of different stencils for you to choose from and we will complete two canvases.

Click here to register and view class details.
Creator God

We come to you in prayer 
Sometimes in thought.
Sometimes in word.
Sometimes in song.
Sometimes in dance.

You hear us no matter how we come.
You rejoice in our diversity.
You delight in our differences.

Help us to be at peace with ourselves and with each other.

Give us courage to challenge all that gets in the way of peace.
Give us strength to rise up again and again against violence.
Give us wisdom to move forward when others try to pull us back.

May we know your presence as we rise each day.
May your spirit guide each one of us as we work to serve Metropolitan Community Churches around the world.
May your healing touch anoint us as we lay down to sleep.

Before us, behind us, between us.
You are always present.



Associate Minister at Augustine United Church
Edinburgh, Scotland

World AIDS Day
Sunday, 1 December 2019

Resources for you, your congregation and your community.
World AIDS Day is just around the corner, on Sunday 1 December. This year, World AIDS Day, also falls on the first Sunday of Advent, the day we typically light a candle for hope.

MCC churches have been sanctuaries of hope since the first days that HIV/AIDS devastated our community. Often, MCC ministers and congregants were the only ones to welcome, care for, touch, and honor those living with and dying from HIV/AIDS. Too many times, MCC would be the only community of faith open to provide burial and funeral rites when other churches would not do so.

In commemoration of World AIDS Day this year, THE HIV/AIDS Advisory Group has revised and updated the World AIDS Day pages on our denomination’s website. We invite you to take a moment and check out the resources provided in the effort to help you plan for worship or any special service you may be in the process of planning or participating in.

This Advent, we invite you take a moment and help commemorate unite in the fight against HIV, show your support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died because of HIV/AIDS by honoring this day with renewed reverence and hope. World AIDS Day is also an opportunity for you to learn the facts about HIV and put your knowledge into action. The risk is not yet over and it is important that we continue to talk about how HIV is transmitted, how it can be prevented, and to talk about the reality of living with HIV today.

You can also show your support for people living with HIV on World AIDS Day by wearing a  red ribbon , the international symbol of HIV awareness and support.

In Hope and Solidarity,
Rev. Tory Topjian, HIV/AIDS Affinity Group Coordinator

To view resources for World AIDS Day, click here:
November Birthdays
11/02 Carl Lane
11/08 Stephanie Lotz
11/12 Mark Howell
11/13 Cynthia Esparza
11/14 Paul Wolfer-Stephens
11/17 EmmaLeigh Roberts
11/17 Melody Remington
11/25 Gail Gore
11/27 Jimmy Marshall
11/30 Zoie Edwards

Sunday - November 17, 2019

The Gathering

Call to Worship: Rev. David Wynn

Song of Welcome: "The Welcome Song" Community

Words of Welcome: Rev. David Wynn

Time with our Children: Trish Ashton
"This Little light of Mine"

Preparing to Hear the Word: "Deep In Love With You" Community

Sacred Text: Ecclesiastes 3:9-12 Mark Howell

Song of Response:  “Healing Rain” Community

Time of Teaching: "The Field of Love" Rev. David Wynn

Song of Centering: " Healing Rain" Community

Community Prayer: Stephanie Lotz

Response to the Prayer:  “Be Unto Your Name”     Community

A Time of Offering: Cassy Batts

Celebration of Holy Communion: Rev. Robert Myers
All Belong Here - Community

Song of Sending Forth:   “For Everyone Born”  Community

The Sending Forth: Rev. David Wynn

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