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November 6, 2018
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Good Deeds Wednesday Gatherings

GraceGraysGoodDeeds and Agape' MCC, beginning Wednesday November 7th, we will celebrate Good Deeds by making blankets for children and families in need and creating Christmas Cards (pictured here) to give out to our neighbors and friends. Please join us for a time of fun and creativity.
Click here to visit gracegraysgooddeeds website.
" Pay Attention "
Rev. David Wynn

“Some years later, when Moses had grown up, he went out among his own people and witnessed firsthand their forced labor.” Exodus 2:11a

“Jesus sat down opposite the collection box and watched the people putting money in it,” Mark 12:41a

If you are a parent, or a teacher, or a preacher, or heck a person…you will know the ongoing struggle to get folks to pay attention. I personally think it’s worse now than ever. Take a minute to look up from this reading that you are doing and look around…most of us are staring down at tiny, rectangular, hand-held computers. Are we paying attention?

In our spiritual novel (it’s a new term I’m using for the Bible, my Jewish friend’s son refers to the Torah as that Novel and I LOVE it!) we cannot get away from how many times we are being presented with epic stories that hinge on the fact that someone was paying attention. We are quickly approaching the season of Advent and that message is going to get even louder so let’s start practicing now. 
What does the story of the exodus and the story of Jesus watching the widow put her last two coins in the offering plate have in common? Pay attention, I’ll give you a hint…immigrants.  See you Sunday! 

The Congregational Forum, held last Sunday, provided The Board of Directors with many suggestions for changes to the Meeting Packet along with a few corrections. Thank you to all who participated and for the greatly appreciated attention to detail. The packet has been updated with the requested changes and corrections.

CLICK HERE to view/print the UPDATED Congregational Meeting Packet.

Sunday November 11 - Congregational Meeting
During this meeting the reports and budget provided in the Congregational Meeting Packet will be presented to the congregation for approval. In addition, the candidates running for office will be presented for election. We will begin the meeting after a short break when our morning worship service has concluded. Members will be required to sign in to establish a quorum and receive their voting cards. Friends and Visitors are welcome to attend to observe.
Agape Grief Support Group

Beginning November 08, 2018 the Grief Group will be meeting Thursday evenings at 6:30 in the Social Hall.

Please join us for a special presentation...

Shining a Light on Depression and Despair

Presented by the Harris Foundation and Family Connection of Tarrant County

Guest Speaker: Sharon Herrera of LGBT SAVES

Please make a note of the new date!
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 at 11:30AM

Agape MCC Sanctuary
4616 E. California Parkway
Forest Hill, TX 76119
Community Event

Come join Agape' MCC as we attend the Fort Worth Parade of Lights together on November 18th. Save the date, more info to come!
Gracious God, as our father and mother, today we call upon you to guide us through the hurt so pervasive in this world. We ask this especially for our denomination, our church leaders and our local church congregations. 

As we discern the changes we need to make to transform ourselves and our world, we ask for your guidance and patience. Each of us must listen carefully to know the direction which you already know is right. We are your people, oh, God. Be with us and guide us to a better knowledge and understanding of your word.

We may question what direction we are heading. You have given us free will and intelligence which can be used to question. But you have also given us the perseverance to accept the events that come our way, and the faith to work through them to better our lives and the lives of those around us. Who can know all the mysteries of life? Only you, God. Our reliance on you and your guidance is our commitment to you. Our faith in you is demonstrated by listening for your guidance and using your direction to the best of the abilities you have given us. Our faith in you will allow our world to fall into place as you have set for us.

We thank you for all you have done for us and we praise your name out loud.


Lay Delegate, Spirit of Hope MCC, Kansas City, Missouri

January 5, 2019 5:00-7:00PM "Fun with Clay"

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? Kids AND adults love creating with clay. You’ll be using air dry clay (each person will receive a one pound package) and provided tools and assistance. The clay objects you form can be taken home to finish drying and be painted. 

Class Fee: $75 which includes one adult and one child eight years or older.

Click Here to Register

November Birthdays
  • 11/02 Carl Lane
  • 11/12 Mark Howell
  • 11/13 Cynthia Esparza
  • 11/14 Paul Wolfer-Stephens
  • 11/17 EmmaLeigh Roberts
  • 11/17 Melody Remington
  • 11/25 Gail Gore
  • 11/30 Zoie Edwards
Sunday - November 11, 2018

Call to Worship - Tibetan Bowl

Morning Meditation - Rev. David Wynn

Song of Intention - "For Everyone Born"

Words of Welcome - Rev. David Wynn

Time of Greeting - Community

Time With Our Children - Kevin Harkins

Response - This Little Light of Mine

Song of Preparation - "Word of God Speak"

Gospel Reading - Mark 12:38-43 Mark Howell

Song of Response - "God Is Holding Your Life"

Time of Teaching - "Pay Attention" Rev. David Wynn

Centering Song - "Be Still"

Community Prayer - Rev. Robert Myers

Prayer Response - "Be Still"

Time of Offering - Cassy Batts

Celebration of Holy Communion - Rev. David Wynn

Song of Sending Forth - "The River Is Here"

The Sending Forth - Rev. David Wynn
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