May 2, 2018
This Week's News and Updates
We had a 5th Sunday Breakfast Communion Service in the Social Hall last Sunday. We ate, prayed, sang, and shared teaching in the example of our spiritual ancestors. Thank you Board of Directors and others for providing the breakfast foods of pancakes, sausage patties, bacon, scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, coffee, milk, and juices. We had a great time!
This Week's Wednesday Gathering - 7pm

Plan to join us for this Wednesday's gathering as we work on Thank You notes for all of the people and businesses who so generously contributed items for our raffles and silent auction!  

We will also be preparing school supplies for the children of our sister church in the Philippines as they prepare to begin their summer education courses.  

Come and be part of putting more "Good" into the world!
"Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers ... Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." (excerpt from "Here's to the Crazy Ones," by Jack Kerouac)

Sacred Source of the Improbable, you invite us into your ridiculous and crazy upside-down realm of foolishness: foolishness that insists the last shall be first, and the first shall be last; foolishness that compels us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek; foolishness that declares us loved because of who we are, not in spite of who we are.

We give thanks for your servants who have laid a foundation for us: for Troy Perry, who was crazy enough to believe that your LGBTQ+ children have a reserved place at your table of grace; for Freda Smith, who was crazy enough to call for the inclusion of women in all leadership positions; for Nancy Wilson, who was crazy enough to passionately proclaim an affirming, all-embracing queer theology.

Spirit of Holy Foolishness, infuse us with your spirit of craziness. May it fall fresh on us. Use us - deeply flawed, though we may be - to your glory. Amen.

Prayer submitted by Rev. Charley Garrison, Senior Minister, Central Texas MCC, Waco, Texas USA.
If it's not about relationship, it's not about God by Rev. David Wynn

My five year old has, what I have come to call “a unique and not so unique family paradigm.” He has a gaggle of moms and a dad, who are his parents. Because there is a good amount of distance between his sets of parents he sometimes floats in the sea of missing one or the other. Carrie and I, when we are comforting him, remind him of his big family and how much love is surrounding him and invite him to try and remember that truth even as we affirm his right to miss whom he misses. 

This week his momma Carrie was doing just this comforting and she and Jack were going through all of his amazing family…during a pause in the naming of family, he looked up at his momma and said “and I have my church family”. In the naming of his friends and family we always include Agape' and he regularly reminds you, the people of Agape', that he loves you and you are his family. THAT is deep affirmation of the work we do in this place to be friends and family to one another.  It is vital to our spiritual paths!

In our text this week, Jesus will remind us that he is friend and family with us and that we connect not as subordinates and superiors but as equals in relationship. He will affirm that God longs for our friendship and connection and that we are asked to stand on equal ground with the holy and be where and who we are just as God always does with us.

Theologian Frederick Buechner says it this way, "You are my friends," Jesus says, "if you do what I command you." The command, of course, is "to love one another," as he puts it. To be his friends, that is to say, we have to be each other's friends, conceivably even lay down our lives for each other. You never know (John 15:12-15). It is a high price to pay, and Jesus does not pretend otherwise, but the implication is that it's worth every cent.  Let’s gather as friends this Sunday and explore the implications! 
Upcoming Workshops - From Judy Hudson

This summer, I am offering classes in how to create Mesmerizing Mosaic Tiles (June 16 and July 21) and Magical Underwater World (June 23 and July 28). I use a lot of clay to create 3D mixed media artwork and many people have asked me about my techniques and methods.

All four classes are from 9-4, held at the social hall at Agape'. All materials and lunch are included AND provided in the registration fee.  Classes are limited to 15 people . If you follow the link, you'll find the registration forms for each class. Hope to see you there!
Calendar of Events
  • Wed, May 02 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering
  • Thu, May 03 - 6:30pm Grief Support Group
  • Sun, May 06 - 10:30am Worship Service - Birthday Sunday
  • Mon, May 07 - 6pm Worship Team Mtg
  • Wed, May 09 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering
  • Thu, May 10 - 6:30pm Grief Support Group
  • Fri, May 11 - 5:30pm Samaritan House Supper Club
  • Sun, May 13 - 10:30am Worship Service
  • Mon, May 14 - 6pm Worship Team Mtg / 7pm Board of Directors
  • Wed, May 16 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering
  • Thu, May 17 - 6:30pm Grief Support Group
  • Fri, May 18 - 7pm LGBT SAVES Scholarship Dinner - Private Reservation
  • Sun, May 20 - 10:30am Worship Service / M,G&E Cheesecake Bake-Off!
  • Mon, May 21 - 6pm Worship Team Mtg
  • Wed, May 23 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering
  • Thu, May 24 - 6:30pm Grief Support Group
  • Sun, May 27 - 10:30am Worship Service
  • Mon, May 28 - 6pm Worship Team Mtg
  • Wed, May 30 - 7pm Wednesday Gathering
  • Thu, May 31 - 6:30pm Grief Support Group
Upcoming Birthdays
  • May 03 - Judy Hudson
  • May 04 - April Nash
  • May 07 - Mark Vega
  • May 16 - Helen Smith
  • May 23 - Teresa Mallott 
  • May 29 - Candy Davidson
  • May 31 - Tyler Spence
Sunday - May 6, 2018
Call to Worship - Media

Morning Meditation - Rev. David Wynn

Song of Intention - "In the Secret" - Community

Words of Welcome - Rev. David Wynn

Time of Greeting - Community

Time With Our Children - Trish Ashton

Response - "This Little Light of Mine" - Community

Song of Preparation - "There is Only Love" - Community

Scripture Reading - John 15:9-17 - Lynne Fratt

Song of Response - "There is Only Love" - Community

Time of Teaching - "Made for Love" - Rev. David Wynn

Centering Song - "Fill Me Now" - Community

Community Prayer - Kevin Harkins

Prayer Response - "Fill Me Now" - Community

A Time of Offering - Cassy Batts

Celebration of Holy Communion - Rev. Robert Myers

Song of Sending Forth - " The River is Here" - Community

The Sending Forth - Rev. David Wynn
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