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October 09, 2018
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Please join us this Wednesday for...

Game Night
October 10, 2018 at 7:00PM
We will gather in the Social Hall

This Wednesday night is Game Night! Join us for table games, snacks, coffee, fun and lots of laughter! 
Bring your favorite game and please come join us!
"No Way?"
Rev. David Wynn

For the month of October, we are celebrating the 50 th Anniversary of Metropolitan Community Churches. In “church years” that makes us still the youngest denomination around. It’s actually a pretty powerful place to be…this young, still searching, still becoming, still flexible, phase of our spiritual movement. It gives us a chance to reflect on where we’ve been and to continue to find clarity in where we are going and how we will embody our particular calling the world. 

The theme of this week’s service is "Love". Rev. Elder Jim Mitulski, one of the pioneers of MCC, notes that “the 80's were a period of rapid numerical growth in MCC churches and a time of geographical expansion. The 1981 General Conference grappled with inclusive language, in a session moderated by Rev. Elder Freda Smith. There were strong expressions of emotion as we passionately engaged questions about the gender of God, how to talk about Jesus, and even what words to use in regard to humanity. 

The National Council of Churches visited our church in San Francisco twice - once to study homosexuality in the early 80's and once to study HIV/AIDS at the end of the decade. On both visits what struck them most was how we welcomed people to an Open Table. They professed incredulity that so many Eucharistic theologies could be represented at one altar, prompting Rev. Elder Ken Martin to say to them ‘When it's more important for you to be together than it is to be apart" you'll understand how and why we do this.’ They also noticed something else: that women, especially lesbians were caring for their sick and dying male friends, brothers, ex-lovers and even strangers as if we were family, and we were, a chosen family.”

Streaming from the vision of our founder, Rev. Elder Troy Perry and so many others, we have always been called to create a way where there seems to be no way. It is impossible, improbable work. It is only possible because our Creator makes it possible. Where once there was only dry bones, death, and brokenness…life shows up, reconstitutes whole bodies, and invites us again and again to understand that faith has us and that love wins. We hope to see you on Sunday…in a very real way, every time we gather we re-member, the bones come back together, the sinew connects, muscle appears, flesh covers, and God breathes life into us yet again. Yes…yes we will be talking about the prophet Ezekiel! 

Social Hall Floors to be Refinished

The Social Hall floors will be stripped, sealed and waxed during the week of October 14, 2018. The Hall will be closed October 14 through October 20; all activities will be moved to the Narthex.

We are asking for help to clear the Social Hall. We need assistance moving the tables and chairs into the classrooms after services on the 14th. Your help is always greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Jimmy and Michael in advance for taking such great care of our space.
Saturday, October 20, 2018 9:00AM - 1:00PM

Bring you favorite outdoor yard tools or indoor cleaning supplies and help us spruce up our property. There may also be an opportunity to clean out a room or two and reorganize them. See you there!
Community Event

Come join Agape' MCC as we attend the Fort Worth Parade of Lights together on November 18th. Save the date, more info to come!
Congregational Meeting Information:

Our annual Congregational Meeting is fast approaching! Our Congregational Meeting occurs once a year and is the time our congregation gathers to review and conduct the business of the church. Here are the dates to mark on your calendars.

Sunday October 28 - Congregational Meeting Packets will be available for downloading from the Agape' Website. A limited number of printed copies will be available for those who do not have internet access.

Sunday November 4 - Congregational Forum - This time is set aside for the congregation to ask questions regarding the reports and or budget information provided in the Congregational Meeting Packet. In addition, the candidates running for office will be presented. We will begin the forum after a short break when our morning worship service has concluded.

Sunday November 11 - Congregational Meeting - During this meeting the reports and budget provided in the Congregational Meeting Packet will be presented to the congregation for approval. In addition, the candidates running for office will be presented for election. We will begin the meeting after a short break when our morning worship service has concluded. Members will be required to sign in to establish a quorum and receive their voting cards. Friends and Visitors are welcome to attend to observe.

Hear our cry, Lord we pray. Our faces down, our hands are raised.
You called us out, we turned away, we've turned away.

With ship-wrecked faith, idols rise. We do what is right, in our eyes.
Our children now, will pay the price. We need Your light, Lord, shine Your light.

All our hearts, all our strength, with all our minds, we're at Your fate.
May Your Kin-dom come, in our hearts and lives. Let Your Church arise, let Your Church arise!

If we ever needed You, Lord, it's now. Lord it's now.
We are desperate for Your hand. We're reachin' out, we're reachin' out.
We need You now . . . Revive us now . . . We need You now.
                                            - "If We Ever Needed You" by Casting Crowns
Gracious God, One Who is known to us by many names, we come together as a global community of faith in prayer, seeking Your presence, Your direction and a new outpouring of Your Spirit upon all of us.

As a people struggling with the day to day realities in which we live, in the church and in the world . . .

we need You;

As the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches . . . we need You;

As Your Universal church, comprised of diverse faith expressions and spiritual communities . . .

we need You.

As a people of faith who still dare to believe You are still the God of hope, healing, mercy and

grace . . . we need You . . . now.

We need You, God, to reveal Yourself to us as Jehovah Rapha, our Healer. We hear over and over again, "hurting people, hurt people; healed people, heal people." We've learned "a disease hidden cannot be healed and a dis-ease hidden cannot be healed." Help us, Divine Healer, to be aware of the ongoing work we must do, individually and collectively, to become "wounded healers." We need to be the church the world desperately needs today. Jehovah Rapha, be the Healer we need for such a time as this.

We need You, God, to reveal Yourself to us as Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. Even with our greatest desires to trust You with all our heart and mind; the truth is, in our humanness, we default to that which we think will pave the way to greater experiences of life and living . . . many times at the expense and to the exclusion of others. As our Divine Provider, remind us God, we are here today as Metropolitan Community Churches because of one who had faith in You, trusted You, believed You, earnestly sought Your face and direction in birthing and leading this, Your church . . . and You provided. Renew and reignite in us a greater depth of faith, prayer and steadfastness, keeping our sights on You, Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

We need You, God, to reveal Yourself to us as Jehovah Shamma, our Divine Presence. We acknowledge change and transition, regardless of what we want others to believe, is difficult for all of us; although we often want to say it is someone else who "doesn't do change well." By Your Presence God, help us to be honest with ourselves first, before we attempt to name a "truth" for someone else. By Your Presence God, help us to discover the power and freedom that comes from living honestly, authentically and transparently. By Your Presence God, help us to always keep in mind that the work and witness we do and create today is really not for us; it is providing an example and paving the way for those who will follow after us. By Your Presence God, remind us this spiritual quest You have invited us to be a part of with You, is not about us and is not about others . . . it is all about the Divine purposes and plans You've created for us all. Jehovah Shamma, if we ever needed You to be our Divine Presence . . . we need You now.

YHWH, Who is known to us by many names and revealed to us in many diverse ways, in these difficult and challenging times in which we find ourselves, as a people of faith . . . regardless of our faith stream, theological understanding(s) or spiritual path(s) . . . remind us again we are all created in Your Divine Image, crafted for Your perfect plan for all of Your people . . . a perfect Divine plan rooted in unconditional love, unity, harmony, respect, inclusion, care, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation.

As we press on in faith . . .

Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable . . . for we need You now;

Bend, mold, reshape and remake us . . . for we need You now;

Reveal Yourself to us in new and newer ways . . . for we need You now;

Renew us in deeper and more deliberate ways a keen sense of Your Presence . . . revive us now,


Speak to us in bold, clear and clarifying ways as we listen for You . . . for if we ever needed You, we need You now.

From our hearts to Your ears, hear our collective prayers, Jehovah Shalom, God of Peace. For it is in Your many Divine names and in the name of Jesus, the Rabbi and Christ, we pray.

May it be so.




Prayer submitted by:
Senior Pastor
FirstCoast Metropolitan Community Church
St. Augustine, Florida, USA

by Lisa O'Grady

Hi Folks,
On Saturday, October 13 th the Security Team will meet from 9:00 am until 12 noon for breakfast and reviewing what we have accomplished over the past year. We will be planning for additional training that will include our Board of Directors and our Congregational family. 

Security Team , please arrive Saturday a few minutes prior to 9:00 AM so we can get started with pancakes and conversation at 9:00 AM, on time.  Thank you!

Have a SAFE WEEK!!!
Classes coming soon:

October 13, 2018 - 5:00PM - 9:00PM "Mosaic Tiles"

Love the look of mosaics, but hate grouting or heavy materials? Here’s the answer! You’ll create a mosaic canvas using lightweight hand textured (already made for you) clay tiles. Complete your masterpiece with a unique finish of layered metallic and iridescent paints.

Class Fee: $70

Click Here to Register


November 17, 2018 5:00-9:00 "Stencil Magic"

Using an unexpected material found at your local hardware store, stencils, and paints, you’ll take home an artwork that is sure to get lots of compliments! Whether you enjoy muted colors for a softer look or bright and bold designs, the choice is up to you.

Class Fee: $70

Click Here to Register


January 5, 2019 5:00-7:00PM "Fun with Clay"

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? Kids AND adults love creating with clay. You’ll be using air dry clay (each person will receive a one pound package) and provided tools and assistance. The clay objects you form can be taken home to finish drying and be painted. 

Class Fee: $75 which includes one adult and one child eight years or older.

Click Here to Register

October Birthdays
  • 10/03 Evelyn Brown
  • 10/05 Billy Stewart
  • 10/06 Deanie Sewell
  • 10/16 EJ Hudzina
  • 10/20 Donna Boutwell
  • 20/25 Jude Nerio
  • 10/28 Shawn McCraw
Sunday - October 14, 2018
Call to Worship - Tibetan Bowl

Morning Meditation - Rev. David Wynn

Song of Intention - "Joyful People Come and Worship"

Words of Welcome - Rev. David Wynn

Time of Greeting - Community

Time With Our Children - Trish Ashton

Response - This Little Light of Mine

Song of Preparation - "Word of God Speak"

Contemporary Reading - Melisa Price

Gospel Reading Ezekiel 37:1-14 - Cassy Batts and Rev. Robert Myers

Song of Response - "Word of God Speak"

Time of Teaching "How Can These Things Be?" Rev. David Wynn

Centering Song - "Healing Rain"

Community Prayer - Rebecca McDonnel

Prayer Response - "Healing Rain"

Time of Offering - Cassy Batts

Celebration of Holy Communion - Rev. Robert Myers

Song of Sending Forth - "Oceans"

The Sending Forth - Rev. David Wynn
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