September 12, 2018
This Week's News and Updates
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Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00

Join us for an evening of fun and laughter. Bring your favorite game to share!

For those who need a different vibe, the loom will be available to continue weaving pads for pups or cats. These pads can be used in shelters.

Upcoming special Wednesday evening activities:

September 19 - Celebration of the Autumnal Equinox

October 3 - Blessing of the Pets
"Uh Oh"
Rev. David Wynn

Wow, so, on the first day of September I got a call from the pastor of our partner parish St. Anne. Rev. Luft was in the sanctuary of Agape' preparing for Sunday Mass when it began to fill with smoke and a strong electrical fire smell. He quickly shut everything down, called me, called Leigh, and called the fire department. I arrived shortly after the firefighters and watched as they inspected all the nooks and crannies of our building, finding nothing, until one first responder noticed that one of our A/C units had quit working. We shut off the units and after a while the space was declared safe. 

Closer inspection of our unit in the attic showed that it was indeed “fried”. If someone had not been at Agape on a Saturday when the meltdown started, odds are, that the church would have burned down. “Uh oh.”

Then we got the analysis of the damage and the estimate to repair it, $5,400.00 “uh oh.” Then a week later one of our water mains in the front yard burst, “uh oh.” Stay tuned for an opportunity to help us “crowd source” funding for repairs, “uh oh.”

The journey is like that isn’t it. 

This week we will hear once again the call of Abram and Sarai. It’s one of the basic tenets of our faith that when we embrace our connection to Spirit it comes with a calling…God is a God who calls and asks us to follow. The call always draws us out to a path that we could not imagine and that we don’t necessarily feel prepared for or all that excited about. We would prefer calls that are uncomplicated and struggle free and even when we are following we’d like some idea of where we are going…and no fire or floods please!  Well, God doesn’t promise that…but God does stick around. 

Abram and Sarai discovered that where they belonged was not where they were…so they packed up and headed out to follow God “to a place that I will show you” says the Creator. Could we get a little more information? No? “Uh oh!” Let’s talk more on Sunday! 

Need a Folding Table?
We have decided to let go of the brown and gray folding tables stored in the Social Hall. If you would like one or more of them please take your table(s) home next time you are at the church. We are accepting donations for the tables. Please see Leigh, Cassy or Ward for assistance.
Questions on Medicare Coverage? Join us for an important discussion on your health benefits!
  Location:  Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital 
   6701 Oakmont Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76132

Sponsor: Coalition for Aging LGBT Tarrant County 
Social Engagement Committee

P rogram Features:
· Annual Medicare Enrollment and changes that may occur in the program
· Impact of benefit choices on the levels of care you may need
· Medicare, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Advantage Plans
· Prescription Drug Coverage
· Medicaid/Medicare Programs in Texas
· JPS Health Network Tarrant County: JPS Connection, Supplements to Medicare

Information on benefit issues:
· What about Medicare benefits if I still work and have insurance coverage?
· Coverage for Specialty, Home Care, and Nursing Homes
· Travel coverage within and outside of the US

Advocacy: Protecting Medicare and Social Security

Registration Requested:
Search: Coalition for Aging LGBT

Coalition for Aging LGBT (214) 577-7976
3809 Perry Ave. Ste 305
Dallas, Texas 75226

New Adventure!

Fort Worth Parade of Lights

November 18, 2018 6PM
This year Agape' MCC will be participating in the Fort Worth Parade of Lights for the very first time. We hope you are excited by this new family friendly adventure. Plans are underway to design and build a fabulous float. If you are interested in helping coordinate the float build or helping build the float, please let Rev. David know. This will be a memorable evening for everyone!

Event Information from the Parade Website:

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, November 18, 2018 for the 36th edition of this Downtown Fort Worth signature event, welcoming GM Financial as our title sponsor, and celebrating 100 years of Cook Children’s! The theme this year will be, “Through the Eyes of a Child,” and will featuring spectacular floats, giant illuminated balloons, performing groups, local community groups and more. Please mark your calendars to join us, and continue this new tradition for the years to come!

For more information, click here.
K ind and Gentle Spirit God - be with us
Let your wisdom and energy strengthen and renew us

We are your people - you are our Shepard, Friend and Teacher
You lead us in the path of Goodness to follow in Love's way.

We walk into uncertainty with the willingness to do good works, we are not afraid.
You are with us
You bless us and touch us, You feed us and companion us
our cup overflows with abundance.

You have prepared a place for us.
We shall continue the faithful journey together.
For we dwell in your heart forever.

Prayer submitted by:
Susie (Suzi) Chin
Interim Board Member
MCC New York

by Lisa O'Grady

Hi Folks,
Just dropping in to tell you that your security team is still out there watching the parking lot for us and monitoring the doors but we have taken a little break from meeting for the summer and will gather with you and do some training all together soon!

Just a reminder at church when you pull into the parking lot, we are relatively safe. But take a look around when you get there. If you see an unfamiliar person or persons please stay in your car until you are sure you can get inside and let someone know. Call someone inside or if you feel it necessary, call 911. Please do not confront anyone.

Thanks and have a SAFE WEEK!!!
Classes coming soon:

September 15, 2018 - 5:00PM-8:00PM "Wings"

Do wings make your imagination take flight? Take home a uniquely textured piece of art to add to your collection, choosing from several designs, textures, and painting styles.

Class Fee: $60

Click Here to Register

October 13, 2018 - 5:00PM - 9:00PM "Mosaic Tiles"

Love the look of mosaics, but hate grouting or heavy materials? Here’s the answer! You’ll create a mosaic canvas using lightweight hand textured (already made for you) clay tiles. Complete your masterpiece with a unique finish of layered metallic and iridescent paints.

Class Fee: $70

Click Here to Register


November 17, 2018 5:00-9:00 "Stencil Magic"

Using an unexpected material found at your local hardware store, stencils, and paints, you’ll take home an artwork that is sure to get lots of compliments! Whether you enjoy muted colors for a softer look or bright and bold designs, the choice is up to you.

Class Fee: $70

Click Here to Register


January 5, 2019 5:00-7:00PM "Fun with Clay"

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? Kids AND adults love creating with clay. You’ll be using air dry clay (each person will receive a one pound package) and provided tools and assistance. The clay objects you form can be taken home to finish drying and be painted. 

Class Fee: $75 which includes one adult and one child eight years or older.

Click Here to Register

An Invitation from:
Saint Anne United American Catholic Church
With praise and thanksgiving, to Almighty God, we joyfully announce the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. John P. Luft to the Order of Presbyters.
Saturday September 22, 2018 at 2:15 PM

Agape' MCC Sanctuary
4615 E. California Parkway
Forest Hill, TX 76119

The parish of Saint Anne has been meeting Sunday evenings in the Agape' MCC Sanctuary and have become part of our Agape' family. Congratulations Rev. John!
September Birthdays
  • 09/01 Mickey Howell
  • 09/06 Seth Wynn
  • 09/12 Lisa Davenport
  • 09/16 Larry Hollis
  • 09/21 Faith Ashton
  • 09/22 Gail Russell
  • 09/22 Trigg Davenport
  • 09/23 Letty Cruz
  • 09/25 Vida Trevino
  • 09/27 Carolyn Acton
  • 09/29 Saige Ashton 
Sunday - September 16, 2018
Call to Worship - Tibetan Bowl

Morning Meditation - Rev. David Wynn

Song of Intention - "Welcome" - Community

Words of Welcome - Rev. David Wynn

Time of Greeting - Community

Time With Our Children - Evelyn Brown

Response - "This Little Light of Mine" - Community

Song of Preparation - "The Summons" - Community

Bringing Words of Life - Genesis 12:1-9 - Lisa O'Grady

Song of Response - "The Summons" - Community

Time of Teaching - "Uh Oh" - Rev. David Wynn

Centering Song - "Hear Our Prayer" - Community

Community Prayer - Leigh Wolfer

Prayer Response - "Hear Our Prayer" - Community

A Time of Offering - Cassy Batts

Celebration of Holy Communion - EH Hudzina

Song of Sending Forth - "Lifesong" - Community

The Sending Forth - Rev. David Wynn
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