Tiffany Robinson (above) lost both of her parents and was badly injured in the March 3 tornado that struck Lee County, Alabama. She shed tears of joy throughout last week and especially on Friday as her new Fuller Center home was dedicated at the conclusion of the 2019 Millard Fuller Legacy Build.
New homes and new hope in Alabama
The 2019 Millard Fuller Legacy Build was a tremendous success as more than 420 volunteers — from the local area, across the country and several countries — came together in tornado-ravaged Lee County, Alabama, to build 11 new Fuller Center homes. The host Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project led by Kim Roberts and her team did an outstanding job of organizing the build and drawing extraordinary support from local businesses and the faith community. The build had extensive media coverage from television and print outlets, including a production crew filming a special that will air on The Hallmark Channel in December. Our partner families were grateful and hard-working. Quite frankly, we're not sure how the week could have gone much better. ... Wait! Oh yeah! Alabama could have turned down the heat a little bit. It was the hottest Legacy Build ever with record temperatures all week long, which makes our volunteers' efforts more impressive and appreciated.
Meet families who lost homes and loved ones on March 3

Steven Griffin (left) clutched both of his sons as the tornado struck their home only to have them ripped from his arms. Jordan (pictured) suffered a broken arm, while 6-year-old A.J. became the storm's youngest fatality. Steven and Kayla thanked volunteers who worked on their new Fuller Center home for helping them take another big step toward rebuilding their lives.
They barely survived; now this family is filled with gratitude

Ben and Megan Robertson were faithful church goers, but Ben admits he never truly felt a God "moment" in his life. That changed after the tornado destroyed their mobile home and tossed his family, including their 5-year-old son, about 300 feet. Their story is gripping, and they were kind enough to share it with you in a video that you can watch at this link:
Englishman Tim Bruce discusses his uniquely American adventure

Tim Bruce of Chilcompton, England, retired in April, then joined The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure's 3,600-mile cross-country ride and fell in love with our ministry. He decided to return to the States to volunteer at the Legacy Build — and one night the accomplished musician even performed at dinner! Joining the Bicycle Adventure can change your life, too, and registration is now open for 2020. Check it out here.
Co-founder Linda Fuller writes about an amazing trip to Peru

Linda Fuller met a new friend with a very familiar name on a trip to Peru last month to help dedicate our 100th home in the community of La Florida. His name was Millard, and, yes, he was named after Millard Fuller because he was the first child born in a Habitat home in Peru. Millard is a sculptor and showed Linda and husband Paul around Lima, and then joined them for a day in La Florida. It was a special trip.
Disaster ReBuilders welcoming first volunteer team in Florida

The photo shows debris following Hurricane Michael in Bay County, Florida — a year after the hurricane struck. Scenes like this are still all too common in the Panhandle. Next week our Disaster ReBuilders will welcome their first team of volunteers to Panama City. This new base is in addition to existing operations in North Carolina and Texas. Thank you to the dedicated leaders of this work and the volunteers and supporters who make it possible.
VIDEO: The 2019 Millard Fuller Legacy Build (2 minutes)

A quick look at the joyous week of Faith in Action in Lee County, Alabama, featuring inspirational words from build leader Kim Roberts, the Rev. Rusty Sowell and house captain A.J. Jewell, who speaks of agape love.