A Most Unusual August…
Hello everyone, 

Is summer racing full steam ahead or is it barely creeping along for you? Time and reality can certainly seem a bit surreal this year in our beautiful county, especially with the most unfortunate rise in COVID-19 cases. So on we go with sheltering in place as much as possible, wearing our masks if we do need to interact with non-household members, washing our hands, and keeping our physical distance but staying socially connected!

This Spring marked the end of our first 5-year cycle as an Age Friendly community and the task force is excited to initiate our second 5-year cycle, having enjoyed a zoom retreat together late in June. We would love to hear from you—have you attended events and/or have ideas about what activities or endeavors you’d like to see us focus on? Please send any feedback to our Chair,  jodytimms@comcast.net

One of our continuing goals is to support the development of local neighborhood response groups (NRGs) and our Fairfax FireWise communities so that those who might need help can connect with those able to offer assistance, especially in an emergency such as a power shutdown or a nearby fire. Do you know at least one or two neighbors near you, and have you shared phone numbers and/or emails?

It’s a challenging time to navigate the social, economic and political crises we face individually, locally and as a nation—take care of yourself and those around you, and please join us online!

The Age Friendly Fairfax Task Force: Jody Timms, Barbara Coler, Susan Brandborg, Francie Bedinger, Anne Mannes, Jessica Price,
and Jackie Engstrom. 
Aging in Fairfax, everybody's doing it!
Upcoming Events:

August 6:   Ross Valley Seniors: “What We’re Reading Now”
August 19:   Breakfast with Friends: Social Hour
August 26:   Age Friendly Forum: " Staying Safe in the World of Scams ” 
August 28:   Age Friendly Fairfax Task Force Meeting
August - September:   Smartphone classes with CTAP-CA Telephone Access Program
Ross Valley Seniors

Thursday, August 6, 12:30-2pm

  “What We’re Reading Now,” presentation by Fairfax librarian at 1 pm, socializing begins at 12:30. 
Please email  kmacleod@townofsananselmo.org with any questions or for more information.

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Breakfast with Friends

Wednesday, August 19, 9:30-10:30am

Join us with your coffee or tea for a friendly chat. Socializing is important for all and it's fun to connect, even via Zoom. 
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Meeting ID: 842 3497 5470
Passcode: 927873
Dial in number 1+ (408) 638-0968
Age Friendly Fairfax Forum

August 26, 10:30-11:45am:

" Staying Safe in the World of Scams Learn valuable advice from members of the Marin County Financial Abuse Specialist Team (F.A.S.T.) to avoid becoming a victim of scams, frauds, and IRS impersonators targeting us right here in our own neighborhoods. Marin F.A.S.T. enlightens and educates us on how to protect ourselves against common financial scams and now new frauds related to Covid-19.

Email agefriendlycortemadera@gmail.com if you’d like to attend.

Upcoming Forums: 

September 23: “Ageism 101 & Allyship”   Join us as we have discussions about building our capacity to respond to ageism. Learn how you can be a positive force for change in fighting systemic racism and achieving social justice for low income communities.

October 28: " Medicare and Insurance Changes & Challenges Come learn all about your Medicare choices whether you’re just getting started or needing to consider options during open enrollment, we’re here to help. 

November 20: “Getting Your Ducks in a Row for End of Life Planning”   It’s never too early for a heart to heart conversation with yourself and your family so you can put your end of life plan in place, including having an Advance Directive, a POLST (Physician Oder for Life Sustaining Treatment), and making your final arrangements. 

December 18: “Life Reflections & Looking Ahead to 2021”  2020 has been a year unlike any other. How have we grown in this new situation? What are our hopes for 2021 for the world, for our communities and for ourselves? How can we create a plan that will allow us to thrive through the challenges and as we age?   
Age Friendly Fairfax Task Force Meeting

Friday, August 28, 9:15-10:30am

We’ve switched to the 4 th Friday now and you’re welcome to attend, bring your energy and ideas!    

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Meeting ID: 812 8213 5990
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Dial in number 1+ (408) 638-0968
Smartphone Classes (iPhone and Android)

To learn more about small group, individualized trainings offered by the State-funded California Telephone Access Program (CTAP), call 1-866-271-1540, email smartphonetraining@ddtp.org or follow this link . CTAP also offers free specialized phones for those who are mobility, hearing or sight impaired, call 1-800-806-1191 or visit https://californiaphones.org
Fairfax Recreation Classes

Free online classes for older adults such as our popular yoga classes. We are offering six classes per week!

We just added Dance a la Moxie videos you can view anytime - check them out online !

Chair Yoga 11:00-12:00
Mat Yoga 1:00-2:00

Mat Yoga 9:30-10:30
Chair Yoga 12:00-1:00

Mat Yoga 9:30-10:30
Chair Yoga 12:00-1:00

For a full list of current classes and how to register, click here.

Questions about services for older adults?    
Call 415-473-4636 (INFO)
Wondering what IS Age Friendly Fairfax??