A  Publication of Pathway to Living
 August 2018

Knit Happens   

Age Well resident and avid knitter, Millie, generously shares her talent by 
teaching fellow residents how to make things using knitting needles and balls of yarn.  Just keep knitting, and, hopefully, the handmade hats, scarves
 and sweaters will be done before the holidays! 

  Easy as Pie

Summer's sweet strawberry bounty inspired Age Well "pastry chefs" to make more strawberry pies than they could possibly eat themselves, so they were happy to share with fellow residents. 

From Eggs To Hatch
The animal-friendly Age Well residents successfully raised baby chickens and enjoyed cuddling the chicks before they flew the coop.


The Camp VIVA! summertime "extreme" wellness program is a favorite among Pathway to Living residents and team members alike, who enjoy the break from routine and spending time in the great outdoors. Happy campers fish, swim, boat, story-tell, hike, craft and cook in the fresh air.    

Supersized Drum Circle 

Drumming in unison, about 50 residents from Pathway to Living communities throughout Chicagoland rocked Aspired Living of Westmont, where they gathered for a supersized drumming circle. Percussionist and storyteller Helen Bond laid down a beat and musicians followed, thumping their drums, sticks and shakers. In addition to heart-pounding fun, drumming and rhythm circles offer a host of health and wellness benefits. 


Researchers have been tracking people's levels of happiness and life satisfaction for years. Surprisingly, their findings show that life's later years are among the happiest years. 

The relationship between age and happiness makes the shape of a U-curve. Happiness tends to drop off after age 18, hit its lowest point during the middle-age years in the 40s and rises again from the early 50s through the 60s and 70s and even beyond.

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