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December 2018

A match made in heaven!
- Spacious, open floor plans
- Underground parking garage
- Balconies built for two
- Support services tailored to individual needs
- Award-winning VIVA! lifestyle

Tour & Taste
Enjoy a complimentary meal in our dining room after your tour.
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Baking for the Brave

Going the extra mile to show appreciation, Age Well's  Women's Club baked homemade cookies for the local fire station that were delivered with a handcrafted holiday card to thank firefighters for their brave work throughout the year.



Pinterest-Worthy Project!

With a little paint, garlands and other embellishments, residents transformed plane old window frames into festive holiday decorations to spruce up  Age Well's community for the holidays.

Pizza Ranch Delivers

Known as Green Bay's "most legendary dining experience," Pizza Ranch lived up to the reputation when they treated a group of Age Well veterans to lunch in honor of Veterans Day.


Ask Pathway People

Community Life Coordinator Megan McInerney from Aspired Living of Prospect Heights talks about why you should think about moving your parents before the holidays.


Overcoming Winter Blues

It's supposed to be the "the most wonderful time of the year," yet many people don't feel that way. Holiday depression is more common that you'd think, especially among older adults. 

Identify depression warning signs and how you can help.


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