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Summer Bonfires

Backyard bonfires on the patio are something that many Age Well Centre for Life Enrichment residents look forward to in the warmer months.

Fruit Salad: YUMMY YUMMY

Age Well residents enjoy the social nature of cooking together almost as much as they enjoy dining together.
Nurses play a vital role in the care teams at Pathway to Living communities. They develop care plans and wellness programs tailored to meet residents’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Plus, they provide education, health monitoring and medication management.
Nurses help residents live well, age well and be well.

Why Eating Locally Grown is Better

Micro greens from Strawn, IL to sweet corn from Burlington, IL, Pathway to Living residents enjoy eating locally grown foods at the peak of freshness. What’s more, many residents roll up their sleeves to handpick the best on the vine from local farms as well as from their community’s very own Victory Gardens. 

Discover why you should eat local too! 

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