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A TOAST to Fun and Friendship 

Age Well residents are always up for a party, so it’s no wonder that they celebrated Mardi Gras in style. Age Well’s VIVA! lifestyle gives older adults plenty of opportunities to be social and spread their wings.  

Dementia SUPPORT Group 

Monday, April 29
5:30 -6:30pm 
Free and open to all! 

The group discussion will focus on best known methods for communicating with loved ones and other individuals living with dementia and dementia-related symptoms. Participants are encouraged to share personal stories.
WELCOME to the team!
Age Well’s new Lifestyle Specialist, Maryjo Tisdal e, has extensive experience working with older adults in assisted living, skilled nursing and home care and in the medical insurance industry. Plus, she’s a Green Bay Packer’s fan, who works game day security during football season! 

Maryjo has a bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior and Management from Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI. 

The Age Well team welcomes Maryjo, whose experience will help guide prospective residents and their families through the process of choosing and moving to a senior living community.  


A Look Back on The Women’s Movement
33 Years After Marching

Before women were working their way towards becoming C.E.O.’s, presidents and leaders of major corporations, there were the women marching for equal rights in the workplace decades prior.

Resident  Kaye Janus  of Prospect Heights, Illinois, is proud to call herself one of the “pioneers” who led the way for women to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling and exceed at all levels of business.

A resident of  Aspired Living of Prospect Heights , Kaye rightfully boasts her resume as a paralegal at  Glenview Law Firm  through the 1980s.  “There were very few [women] paralegals,”  she recalls of her time working beneath an essentially all-male staff. “Women did most of the work anyway,” she laughs.  Read More.  
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Women's Health
Hear what Pathway’s Director of Wellness, Jane Beatty , has to say about women’s health and how women can be proactive about remaining healthy. 

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