Agency Update: Discount Pricing Available for Capacity Building Items 
Greetings Partner Agency,
We have a great opportunity to share with you from Feeding America! Feeding America has partnered with Thrive GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) to provide discounted rates on commonly purchased goods for nonprofit organizations such as yourself. Thrive works with various vendors to negotiate special pricing on refrigerators, freezers, and cooler...all must have items in food banking!  
In order to access Thrive's exclusive purchasing portal for Feeding America members, organizations are required to apply for a membership with Thrive. Becoming a member is free! Although the purchasing portal is through Thrive, all payments are made directly to the vendor you are purchasing from. No payments are made to Feeding America or Thrive. The pricing currently featured is available until December 31, 2016.
There are a few things that will be requested of you as a part of the application process. First, organizations must have their EIN (Employer Identification Number) and know whether they are tax exempt or not. Second, organizations must type "Feeding America" or "St Mary's Food Bank" in the "Where did you hear about Thrive?" question on the application. Doing so will ensure that you gain access to the specific pricing catalog for Feeding America members. 

Use this link to access the application:
Once the application is complete you will then be given instructions on how to access the Feeding America Member Store where you can shop for any of the items included in   Feeding America's Group Purchase Items. Please read the below email for more information on Thrive GPO. We hope that you are able to take advantage of this partnership! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Jess Martin with Feeding America : .
Thanks for all you do ,
The Agency Services Team
St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance
Hotline:  480.291.3237
Fax: 480.393.5166

Hello All, 

The purpose of this email is to provide you with information on group pricing that has been negotiated by the National office in support of the Network's ability to capture more fresh and perishable food. To date we have been able to secure great pricing on refrigerators, freezers, portable coolers and thermal blankets. Please see the attached for information on the available SKUs and established pricing. Pricing on these products is currently available through December 31, 2016. In addition, we are working to add scales, thermometers, and totes to the catalog. 

To help the National Office launch and grow this purchasing initiative, we have partnered with an organization called Thrive GPO. Thrive is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that focuses exclusively on the needs of nonprofit organizations and provides their members with access to commonly purchased goods and services at a significant discount. They currently have over 250 nonprofit members including World Vision, Make-A-Wish, and Keep America Beautiful. The mission at Thrive GPO is to leverage the collective spend of the nonprofit community and negotiate great pricing and service from the best suppliers. 

Several members have already started to take advantage of the program and here is what we have heard to far: 
  • "This is genius! We are excited about the new relationship with Thrive. In fact, we will be able to purchase at least 10 additional refrigerators and freezers as a result of the great pricing."
  • "I recently ordered several refrigerators and freezers for our agency partners. I wish this program had been in place because we would have saved $1,000 per unit."
  • "Thrive has been great to work with. They have negotiated great prices for coolers and freezers for us while saving us thousands of dollars. Their customer service is top notch."
If you are interested in accessing the catalog and established pricing please continue reading ( or see the attached Thrive Overview): 

Thrive has worked with Feeding America to set up a purchasing portal exclusively for Feeding America members with the items mentioned above. This will allow you to go to one location to purchase any of the currently available items, and allow us to grow this catalog of items on behalf of members over time. Please not the portal is to provide easy access to our pre-negotiated pricing and to simplify the purchasing process. You will still pay the vendor directly. No payments are ever made to Feeding America or to Thrive. 

In order to access the catalog and purchase page, you need to submit a Thrive membership request. There  is no cost to join, and the registration process only takes a few minutes. You will need to know your EIN and whether your Food Bank is exempt from the state sales tax to complete your registration. Also, you can upload your sales tax exemption letter to your profile and Thrive will make sure any vendor who is part of our program receives it when you place an order. 

Once the application is complete you will receive simple instructions on how to access the Feeding America Member Store and you can place orders for any of the items on the attached product list (and more as we continue to expand!). Your agencies can also join Thrive directly as long as they indicate "Feeding America" or your food bank name in the "How did you hear about Thrive" portion of the application. This will ensure they gain access to our specific catalog and rates and allow them to place orders directly. 

We are excited to launch these group procurement opportunities and to be working with Thrive to build the infrastructure and processes to continue to drive value for the Network. In the near future I will be distributing more information around cost savings opportunities through this partnership (Staples and Grainger programs among others), but for the moment please let me know if you have any questions on our current capacity building offerings through the FA catalog. 

Should you be interested in reaching out to Thrive directly, our contact is: 
Scott Dever, COO
(847) 668-3940

Thank you, 

Jess Martin
Director, Strategic Initiatives
Feeding America 
National Office
35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60601
tel +1.312.629.7207